Need install advice Singlehung window

jjaazzyFebruary 7, 2009

We are in the process of replacing a large single hung window. It is flush to the stucko outside. There is no mention of how to seal this window (PGT) I know that when patio doors were installed they used 2 rows of caulk at the bottom but what do you do with single hung windows. Right now we are set even with stuco but I can stick my fingers in between the bottom edge of window and stuco. What do you fill this large void with? It seems to be floating within the opening. We have it temporarily tacked now. Please tell me what we are doing wrong or right?

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Hi jjaazzy,
If the manufacturerÂs instructions for installing the window donÂt explain how to seal it properly, I suggest you go back to the store you bought the window from and ask their advice. They will be able to help you determine which method is best suited for your house. If you have purchased a window that doesnÂt fit property, they should be able to help you with that as well.

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Your window issue is probably based off the fact that your old window had what we call a "Sloped Sill". The older styled windows had an angled slope with a bull nose that dropped down in that space. More than likely the installer may have ordered your new window to fit into your existing interior casing. In most cases when we order these type of windows we install a board under them and add a snap on bull nose to the new window to fill the void. It's hard to know without a picture.

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Thank you Grogers & Guy after tinkering around with this I finally called the company and the girl just assumed I was installing into cbs. Most houses south are cbs but I am placing this on 2nd story and it is stick. She admittedly said she didnÂt ask enough questions, I did give her rough opening but apparently there were more details she should have asked. She apologized and we just put in trim pieces on each side to snug up the window then we will caulk, stucco, window foam fill and caulk some more. There isn't much space around the window about 1" or so. I hope that were not missing something I wish it wasnÂt the weekend cause I would call them again to make sure. I am so worried about water. But thank you for your help I appreciate it.

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