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stepmom08June 14, 2013

So i'm brand new nere..just found this through google.. litle background: m arried for 5 years, we have to bio kids 1 and 4y/o. my SS who will be 18 in aug moved in with us right after we were married. so things have always been rough with him.. then last year he said he was going to commit suicide and was hospa;ized for a week or so.. put on meds.. our world changed for the better.. cut to dec he stopped taking his pills and started going down hill then 1 month ago he OD'd on the meds and ended up back at the psych ward.. i supportd him 100% visited everyday..etc etc.. he gets out.. freaked out one morning over not getting aride to school.. said he was going to do it again and "not mess it up.. school told me to call 911.. but er let him go.. then he thretened to kill me.. back in the psych again... anyway

anyone have ever kick out their Step child at 18 while still in HS?? thats where i'm at now.. and his dad is feeling major guilt but knows its the right thing to do..


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oh.. just to add.. his mom is about 2,000 miles away and will not let him move there

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Even if this was my biochild, if he was behaving how your SS is, I would have to kick him out. Dad should not feel bad for doing this.

I'd pay for therapy for him, but would not let him live with me. You have two small children to think about as well. Good luck to you.

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Personally, if I were in your situation, I would not be alone with him. If you kick him out have an officer with you. He may try to kill you. I have been around a lot of mentally ill people and you can not trust them even if they love you and you love them. It can change who they are. I would move if I could.

I had a cousin who lived in the Ozarks, we reconnected and she invited me out to her home and for a walk on a mountain behind her home. Later she showed me her computer. After I left she called me at the hotel and accused me of stealing software "off her computer" in the few minutes she was out of the room and that she couldn't even turn her PC on without it. She said she was going to call the police, if I didn't return the item. She called all of my family told them I was a thief. My family knew she was lying and told her so. The point is she could have killed me on that mountain. She could just as easily thought I was having an affair with her husband. I went to the police and reported the incident. When I told him who it was, the officer just raised his eye brows and said forget it. Evidently it wasn't the first incident. Thankfully we live in different states.

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Wondering if you're still having problems? I'm on the verge of having to kick my own 20 yr old son out and it's the hardest thing ever for me

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That's sad! Can your husband and this boy live alone together until the mental illness is stable? You should not be around him, as he has threatened you.

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Mentally ill men are usually dangerous to other people and women usually hurt themselves. I would not let him back in the house.

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