Frosty sills on new patio doors

jeff_mnFebruary 6, 2009

To any pro installers,

I have three brand new Andersen Frenchwood gliders recently installed by a licensed contractor. I get condensation on the metal sills at 15-20 degrees outside and frost starts to form on them at around 10 degrees and less. When it gets below zero, the frost gets really thick. Andersen tells me that this can occur when there is no "thermal barrier" installed under the sill. My old Marvin patio doors never had any frost on the sills.

My questions are:

- What exactly do they mean by a thermal barrier?

- What is the proper method of prepping the sill for installation?

- If my contractor did not install these doors correctly, that is, without a thermal barrier, is he on the hook for removing the door frames and reinstalling them correctly? What recourse would I have?


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Jeff.....the ground-work or (track) of any sliding door that you expect to hold-up under the weight of a 50-90 lb. sliding panel, with metal rollers, for any period of time HAS to be made of aluminum. The thermal conduction of any metal is going to allow cold to transfer through the ground-work to the moist, humid air of the interior. Is there a heater duct just in front of the doorway? Do you have full length drapes or blinds that trap warm moist air between them and the door? You might try to lower the humidity of the home. A thermal-break or barrier is any interruption of cold transfer in metal surfaces. Why did you remove the Marvin doors? This is a common aggrevation with alumimum windows and doors. That is why vinyl window companies flourish, but longevity, and durability are on the side of aluminum...put a towel down there and keep the humidity off the ground-work.........BG

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