Thinking about not having a dinner

ChrissielouAugust 11, 2014

Hi, we are slowly making plans for our upcoming wedding, we were thinking about an evening wedding (8pm) and we are wondering if our guests would be expecting supper at that time of night. We were thinking of having finger foods during the dance. Has anyone tired this before and how has their guests felt about it? Thanks

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The guests will be there to celebrate with you. Bet they'd love the finger foods plus the cake.

Congrats. Relax, Enjoy.

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I agree with Roslew ...

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If we were invited to an 8pm wedding we would not be expecting a meal. If there is a dance following then definitely have finger foods to counter the effects of any potential alcohol.

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I don't know; I would probably at least a light supper even at an 8 pm wedding if the invitation didn't specify one way or the other, But -- that doesn't mean it would have to be a seated meal; finger foods would be fine, as long as they are substantial enough for people to feel fed. You don't want your guests to leave early because they didn't eat before they came.

Otherwise, I would make it a dessert reception and specify that in the invitation.

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For an evening wedding guests would not be expecting a meal after the ceremony. The ceremony, pictures afterwards would make the timeline for a dinner impractical IMO. A variety of finger foods is a good idea. Wine and one signature drink offered should cover those that wish to drink. As well as non-alcohol beverages. Your wedding cake and cookies could be the dessert, with coffee and tea to drink. Maybe a champagne toast before you cut the cake. Congratulations and best wishes to you both. NancyLouise

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Please do specify in your invitation, like Gellchom mentioned. Because people will be obtuse and not eat dinner first. Don't make any assumptions, because people will always make the wrong choices if it isn't spelled out for them. (And even then, you'll have a few.)

But yes, not having a dinner at that hour is perfectly fine.

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