Order a Wedding Dress from Taiwan?

redbazelAugust 2, 2010

My sweet daughter is getting married this September. Yes. Really. So, she's found a wedding dress she loves and wants to order online from one of the several websites that carry this style, all from China. The price is good, but there is one site with the dress over $300, one around $200, and one has it just over $100. She wants to go with the least expensive, but I can't help but wonder if they are all made the same, just priced different like different stores? Or maybe one is made better than the other? Or maybe we won't be happy with any? Have any tried some of these sites, like Anne Bridal, Paul Bridal, Well Bridal?


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You take a chance when you order from China without being able to see the dress or try it on. If she isn't happy with the workmanship or it doesn't fit, your daughter may not be able to return it. She should be aware that wedding dresses are sized differently than regular dresses, so she needs to be certain she orders for her largest mearsurement (waist, hips, etc.). The dress can be taken in where it is too large.

Has your daughter checked with local bridal shops and tried on gowns there? Some shops have sales racks where she may be able to find a reasonably priced gown without the worry of ordering from an overseas vendor.

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I agree, it is better to look around here. Check the newspapers, specials from the stores and after June, the new styles for next years will be showing up and there will be discounts on discontinued styles. Also some of the larger department stores have a good selection in their basements that either have been returned (never worn) or discontinued. I would NOT order from a foreign country.

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You might check ebay;
the feedback system there helps protect buyers.

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Thanks all......
She had a hard time giving up the dress in the online photo, but we went to a local little wedding dress seller, (NOT a bridal shop....this is just wedding dresses and she rents as well as orders new for you) and found what DD wanted with a reasonable price tag. I think I'll let someone else explore online wedding dresses.


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Um, China is not the same as Taiwan. They're entirely different countries. Most cheap reseller or knock-off dresses are made in China, not Taiwan. In Taiwan women generally rent dresses for various wedding activities and there isn't really a market for overseas sales of wedding dresses. Please don't confuse the two countries.

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