More family driving me crazy stuff

mom2emallJune 22, 2010

So my sister, the one who did not get married but let me and my other sister pay for her wedding shower so she could get presents before telling everyone the wedding was off, is making me soooo mad again!!!

I am having a garage sale. She rents one of our rental is a house with a 2 car garage. The garage has a storage area in it and when she was moving in I told her that I was leaving this long table that folded in the storage area so do not get rid of it. I also told her she could use the storage area (past tenants did not have access to this area).

So yesterday I tell her I am coming to get my table out of the storage for my garage sale. She asks if I am selling it and I told her no it was to put stuff on. She then says okay, but bring it back asap because she uses it!! I told her that it is mine and after my garage sale I would have room in my basement to store it so I was planning on keeping it here. I have big family get togethers a lot at my home and could really use it. She then got mad and told me I left it there so she assumed nobody wanted it and she uses it so how can I come take it!!!

I told her that I never told her she could keep it, in fact I told her I was storing it there. She then tried telling me that I was going to give the table to someone else and because she wanted it I was taking it. It all made no sense because I never talked about giving the table away ever!!!

So she finally told me she was not going to argue with me over it because she knew I would come take it anyways, but that she wanted to point out how awful it was of me to take the table back since she uses it!!!!

I am beyond irritated with her!! It is my table. And I am still stewing over the fact that I helped pay for a hoax of a wedding shower. Plus I am mad that she asked for her wedding gift from me up front to help her pay for her dress and she has not offered to pay me back. Just because her wedding is cancelled does not mean she should keep my wedding gift $.

Do you think I am wrong about wanting to take MY table??

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Sheesh! Sounds like someone has entitlement issues...
(And it's not you.)

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So does that mean it's OK for her to start selling off the plumbing and light fixtures from the house that YOU own but SHE is renting? I mean, it's not like you're currently using them or anything!

I always wonder how people get these mind-sets that if they want something, it's "owed" to them and they deserve to have it....

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Uh, no, you are totally in the right to want to take your own table back.

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crazy, you would think family wouldn't demand stuff that isn't theirs. colleague of mine let her cousin (who she was always close with) rent the house from her because she lived with her BF elsewhere. so that cousin decided to sell her stove and other appliances without asking: same logic, she isn't using them anyways. then my colleague had problems with her BF and decided to come back live in her own house, well half the stuff is gone, can't even cook, no stove, now she is trying to sue her cousin who is nowhere to be found

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Your sister sounds like she lives in an alternate reality. Mine is the same way. What seems like illogical to us is their reality.

My sister slapped DS and then tried to say DS "provoked" her by mouthing off. On what planet is it ok for a 26yo to slap a 10yo across the face? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? But, to her, it makes total sense, and she's even convinced other people. Of course she leaves out important details like she had been talking bad about me in front of DS for months. But, see, in her alternate universe, that is perfectly acceptable.

My advice is to stop arguing with her and do what you need to do. You'll never win the arguement because she'll always change things to be in her favor. So do what you need to do and let her be mad at you. Sorry you're having to deal with this crap.

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