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fldirtJune 21, 2010

Ok, I have an outdoor project that I want to do using scalloped edging stones. I want to apply stained glass as flowers. I see where for outdoor things thinset is what you use. My question is, if I use thinset for the adhesive & I make it fairly thick then do I use it as the grout as well, only thiner? Thanks so much for any help.


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That's what I do, FL, to ensure a good adhesion all around. I have also used half grout and half thinset to grout. I don't make the mixture any thinner, however. In fact, I use a little dryer mix for grout. Be careful, though, cuz thinset/grout mix drys faster than grout, and if I'm grouting a large area, sometimes it drys b/f I can clean it off. I then have to use a wire brush and water to clean it off.

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