Etched Glass Window in Living Room?

wilson1February 28, 2009

When I bought my house, the two windows in the living room were covered by sheers. Pretty, but there is not much light and they block out a lot of it. I don't love the view and was wondering if it would look weird (my daughter thinks so) to take down the sheers and put in wavy glass and a little etched glass to blur the view. It wouldn't block light or entirely block the view. I like the idea of etched glass, or beveled glass, or wavy glass, but I know it is usually used in bathrooms, not living rooms. Any thoughts?

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What about etched just at the bottom? What I would suggest is actually to get frosted film applied, the people who do window tinting can do it.

That way if the windows are decent you don't have to replace them, and if subsequent residents, or you, change your mind you can peel the stuff off. I don't know if it would adversely affect low-e glass if you have it, but most of these films are good safety-wise as they will hold the glass together if it shatters.

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Pjb999, that is a good suggestion. Are the tinted-window people the only ones who have that film? I don't know if the windows are low-e, but they are definitely not anything high end - I was considering replacing the entire window but I seem stuck right now on what is the right thing to do.

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