Broken Glass Pane in a Double HungThermal Window

PWlionFebruary 2, 2013

I have a broken pane of glass in the upper sash of a double hung thermal window.

I can remove this upper sash very readily.

What do you recommend as my course of action?

The manufacturer of the window is Twin Seal. My home is 10 years old.

Can I buy a replacement sash from the manufacturer, or from other manufacturers? Or even from retailers?

The sash measures approximately 28"X20"

Are there standard sash dimensions, or are they peculiar to each manufacturer, such as Twin Seal?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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If they are still in business, look for a serial number on the window and just re-order the sash.

It will be more expensive than re-glazing the unit but incredibly easier and quicker from point A to point B.

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If only one pane is broken, take the sash to a local glass shop. They will measure and order you the glass. Put the sash back in until the glass comes in and drop off the sash. They should be able to put the new glass unit in and you can pick the sash up later in the day.

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