Visa Gift Card (preset $)

kraftdeeAugust 22, 2008

What do you think of giving a visa gift card as a wedding gift?

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Might as well give cash. More flexible.

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Why add a middle man to a straight-cash gift?

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I'll do the cash. Thanks for your input. I was projecting my own quirky personality which is that if I had a card I would go out specifically to buy something like a photo album, kitchen tool, towels, or whatever needed related to house.
If I had cash I'd spend it on groceries, coffee drinks, gas, etc.
When I see things in my home that I received as gifts for my wedding I usually associate the person with the object.

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Something to be said for the "object" idea. Straight economic consideration doesn't quite carry the "real gift" cache. I think you have a valid point there.

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kraftdee and asolo, I know what you mean. That's why I prefer "thing" gifts to cash, too.

If you give a "thing" gift from a basic department store with a reasonable exchange policy, it's almost the best of both worlds, because they can (a) keep it, (b) exchange it for whatever gift-type they want, or (c) return it for a store credit to use for their own everyday purchases (which is almost like giving cash).

But if I weren't going to give a "thing" gift, I'd give cash, not a gift card or a prepaid Visa. The only time I really like gift cards are if they are for something that the recipient really does have to pick out themselves. Like my favorite little gift for someone with a new (not a first) home: a gift certificate to or similar site, so they can pick out fun switchplates and outlet covers to give a little finishing touch to a room. But otherwise, I would either choose something myself or else give cash; if you want them to do the shopping, no sense limiting them.

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I totally agree with Gellchom. I prefer "thing" gifts, for the reasons everyone's given. If I KNOW someone wants something from a particular store that they have to pick out, like sporting equipment, or speciallist kitchen stuff, or clothes, then I would give a card for that store. But if I had decided to give money (not really likely, but I know it's a convention for some) then I'd give cash rather than a card.
That said, if _I_ get cash as a gift, I put it aside and save it until I find that thing I really want but either couldn't afford or couldn't justify buying from the household budget, and tell the gift giver, "Oh thanks, I got myself the .... I've been lusting after with the money you gave me." When we got cash gifts for our wedding (many moons ago :-) ) we thanked the recipients and included the information that their cash gift would be used to help furnish our home, which it was.

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I had a Visa giftcard given to me as a gift a few years ago. We had alot of trouble trying to use the card. Some places did not take them. And some places didnt know how to take them. I realize that they are suppose to be used like a regular card. But they dont work that way. It was a huge headache. Also Visa charges fees if you dont use the money on it in a given amount of time. They also charge you to check the balance on the card.

Go with cash instead.

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Thanks for all the input! This question has been answered really well.

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you can't put a gift card in the bank.

That is where our wedding cash/checks went. (Heck, give checks, then they can't fritter it away on gas or something)

I get really exasperated w/ the family members who give my kids big gift cards for bday presents. They don't need to spend $50 at Barnes & Noble; I usu. make them put most of their bday money in the bank, to save.

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Oh, right, Talley Sue, if you give money, give it in the form of a check, not cash.

I was using "cash" to mean money as opposed to a gift card; I didn't mean folding greenbacks as opposed to a check.

I don't know about whether it makes it less "fritter-friendly," but a check is a much safer way to transfer funds. Certainly don't mail cash.

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