dian57August 31, 2004

I'm confused. My future DIL recently mentioned to me that the 6 bridemaids, 2 junior bridesmaids, she and her mom will be getting dressed and having pictures taken at my house the morning of the wedding (it's at 5pm), which is fine.

My son and the rest of the boys (including my husband) will be a few blocks away at his house getting dressed.

My son and FDIL said they don't think they'll need limos, they'll all just drive the 20 minutes so they have cars available for afterwards. The ceremony and reception are in the same place.

My husband and I want to get a limo for the girls, at least.

So my question, how many limos? How does this work?

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I just stood up in a wedding not too long ago- there were four couples standing up in the wedding, plus the bride and groom. What they did is got a 10 passenger limo (I think it was for 10 people). It picked the boys up where they were getting dressed that morning and took them to church. Then it came back for all of us girls, plus the parents of the bride. It took us to the church. Then after the ceremony, all the couples that were standing up in the wedding took the limo to the reception.

You can do it whatever way you'd like. You could even call up a limo company in your area and ask them for advice. A limo would be easier for everyone, especially the bride and groom. So much nicer not to have to worry about your car and how to fit your dress in it!

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One thing to consider is that most limo companies have a two hour minimum to make it worth their time for the chauffer to dress and take the car to your location. Therefore, even if you use the car for 15 minutes, you will pay for two hours. It would definitely make more sense financially to have the limo pick up both the guys and the girls.

Since the reception is at the same place as the ceremony, you might have the limo come back at the end of the evening and take the bride and groom to their hotel. Someone can take a car down and park it there for them to use the next day. Having them leave in the limo makes a natural ending to the evening as they exit to the limo.

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JMO but if they don't want limos...why get them?

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I don't think it's a matter of them not wanting the limos, more of a 'where can we cut back some expenses.'

When they mentioned their plans and I suggested my husband and I pick up the tab for at least one limo, they were very pleased at the offer.

By the way, my FDIL's name is Alicia, also.

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DH and I thought that, for us, spending the money for a limo would be a waste--totally not important to us. We were "chauffered" in the best man's high-end minivan! I've seen people arrange for two minivans to transport the wedding party. If nobody in the party has one, you can probably rent two of them for 24 hours for less than one limo for two hours.

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Not everyone has limos. I can't say I even see them most of the time, even -- perhaps especially -- at very "high end" weddings. Personally, I think they are a waste of a large amount of money that I would always choose to spend on something else. But that's just my preference.

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I think that limos are a fun splurge and will make the bridal party feel pampered.

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Since my husband and I both drive vans we decided to rent a Lincoln Town Car for our wedding. Then my brother drove us to the Church and to the reception. We were married over the Labor Day (today is our third anniversary!) weekend so we actually had the car for a couple of days. It was only a little over a 100 dollars for two days, so we felt pampered with a luxery car without the expense of a Limo.

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if you get limos, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide the limo passengers a way to get home!

I've been in the position of riding in the limo and then not having a ride home or having to ask if someone could give me a lift, or having to go to all kinds of trouble to preposition the car.

So many people can't swing the expense of having the limo stay, and dismiss it right after they all arrive at the reception (which uses up the 2-hour minimum nicely), but the poor bridesmaids!

Since the bridesmaids have already forked out $$, you might find a car service or taxi company and pre-pay or pre-authorize a charge for their fare from the reception to the house where their cars are.

Or, since you have also forked out $$$ already, you might assign each bridesmaid to a friend or relative who can drive them--though that means the bridesmaid has to deal w/ "am I ready to leave before they are?" vs. "I want to stay longer, but my ride is leaving now."

Also, I like the idea of arranging a chauffered ride (again, you could use what NYers call a "black car" service--Lincoln Town Car sort of thing--or a taxi company that you call when you're ready), just so they don't have to think about traffic where they're all occupied w/ the celebration, etc.

Prepositioning the car could be tough, but not that bad.

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Hmmm, you've given me some great other options to consider here. Thank you.

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