You could knock me over with a feather!!

nikemamaJune 2, 2009

All this stuff with the BM and the Looser BF. She had took out the EPO and then didn't go to court. Well WHEN she didn't go to court CPS got called in on it. They took her statement of all the years she had been with him and how he had layed hands on her and how he would drive at high rates of speed with the kids in the car. She drew a very nice picture in her own words Then didn't go to court. Was out getting ice cream with him the night before court.

CPS called DH today. They told DH that they are pulling the kids from her custody. That if DH didn't want them they was going somewhere but she isn't keeping them for sure. DH told CPS that it was Christmas in June and it was an answered prayer. He told them that he had wanted to go to court and ask for the kids but that he was sure it wouldn't come out in his favor because he had no proof of how bad it was. NOW we have a full report written in HER own handwritting.

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Woo Hoo!
It's just so great when the system works!

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good news. oh my, how is your SS would react, the one who wants dad to divorce you? hope he won't cause trouble. but kids need to out of there, great news.

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WOW! I am so glad the kids will be safe now. What a horrible situation for them.

Wonder how their mom will react to this??

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Awesome news! This inspires me--that the system actually works sometimes!

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Yesterday we had SS graduation from 8th grade. It was hard because we know but she and SS didn't know any of what is to come. DH was more friendly with BM then I would have liked. She ended up sitting on the bleachers just behind DH SD sit between me and DH. I got kinda mad because DH talked to her and not me until the middle of the program. SD had moved to next to her mom and I asked him to slide down to sit next to me and his mom. He asked me to come to him. H*** N*. I know she was sitting with her leg on his back. When I walked MIL to the car, when I came back he was next to me, but talking to BM over looking over my head on the bleachers. When he would joke, he looked for her for the laugh. It was making me pretty mad. DH was saying he did nothing wrong. I asked him how he would feel if I was all over my EX. We both said our piece and all is well. He was just trying to make it easy on her because he knows she is having a hard time right now. It is her own doing. A lot like Hadley's husband Still makes you CRAZY!!

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