Flowers decoration in wedding.

hitmarkAugust 10, 2010

I would like to have chose flowers for decorating in wedding. I think I should also use them to decorate the walls and over all environment. Please suggest me a scene for a big hall. Can not wait for hot replies.

Thanks in advance.

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hitmark - unfortunately your posts here make no more sense than they do at the marriage forum. You've evidently decided that that forum isn't working for you (you haven't responded to anything asked of you) so you're trying here. I'm certainly still willing to err on the side of kindess and assume that you're for real, but it's getting old, and you're not helping us to help you.

Are you starting a theoretical thread here or a real one, and, if real, what are you asking? Are you asking what kind of flowers you should get? We need more info. And what is a "hot reply"?

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