Therma-Tru smooth star fiberglass door

carolmkaFebruary 26, 2012

We are looking to install exterior door on the side of the house. We have been quoted $1500 installed. The quote includes 1/2 glass with built in blinds and factory painted. We have no idea if this high or a fair price. It's a standard single door opening

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Good product, good price. I just did one very similar recently with woodgrain (stained) on the interior, and that was in the same ballpark.

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therma-tru is a basic/average door. if you want a solid product, look at ProVia or HMI Doors.

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I think its a litte over the top.

You probably save money by having someone else paint it to. Therma-Tru typically subs their painting and it cost a pretty good amount.

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Also, just to note, I'm basing this on a standard door, not their high end product line. If its their high end door like a Classic-Craft, then yeah, thats a good price.

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To put it in perspective carol, you're probably right in the middle to a hair on the low side side on price for having an established, reputable company install that door. Some of the big sales and marketing machine types would be double and triple that price, while with some smaller guys you might save a couple hundred bucks.
Painting it yourself would definitely be an option to save you some money, but on a smooth skinned door, it will be difficult to replicate a nice factory finish.

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I think that's a pretty reasonable price assuming it's a full frame replacement and not a retro-fit. I would never recommend painting it yourself to save a few bucks. Factory clear coat paint is the only way to go it quality is important to you. 5 years from now you will care more about the way it looks than saving a few dollars.

With that said, I would ecourage you to look at Provia Doors. They will cost more but it's a better door and the factory service on it outshines Therma-Tru by quite a bit.

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Thanks for the information. The install is a full frame replacement and includes haul away of the door. We were leaning towards the factory painting because of the smooth finish.

I have a Mastercraft door going into my garage that has the same type of finish. It is 6v years old and looks brand new. I did look at the Provia too. Just seemed like overkill for the spot where I am installing.

The location where we are installing the door only is used during the summer, is well protected, and cant bee seen from front or back of house. I really wanted natural light for the laundry room.

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With the Smooth Star and Factory painting and install. you are sitting at the right price then.

Provia is real nice, but Therma-Tru will do though.

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Hi Carolmka:

Did you finally get the Therma Tru Smooth Star?

I am planning to install this one too, after careful consideration of other brands...the price is right for me and I like the look. Did you paint it yourself or it's factory paint..


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We did get a Therma Tru door with built in blinds and I love it. I found out that the factory does not paint the door, Its painted by the local fabricator so they can let you pick out the paint chip you want. Our door is now 2 years old, facing South east and looks awesome.

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Hi Carol:

I'm glad you like your door...I will be getting the Smooth Star line too...:)


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I am not a fan of therma tru, i think their fiberglass is maybe average on a good day but their steel doors are garbage.
The best door companies are. Provia, HMI , and Homeguard. These door are engineered very well and will last a heck of a lot longer.

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I disagree on Thermatru's fiberglass, as I've had nothing but good experiences with them. The only difficulty is that Thermatru sells the slabs to a variety of distributors who then pre hang the door in a jamb - and that workmanship quality can vary a bit.

I've never dealt with their steel doors, and therefore can't comment on them.

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