Easter Smeaster!

cjallen11884August 25, 2013

My DF and I picked April 19, 2014 because it will be our one year anniversary of dating. I didn't even think to look at holidays in April and the next day is Easter!! I am so frustrated now because I'm afraid that either we won't be able to book a church or no one will show up because they will all want to travel and be with their families on a long weekend. Any suggestions? We are really trying to avoid changing the date because it is a very special date to us.

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You are going to have to make a choice.

You can stay with the date that is special to you, and realize that not everyone that you'd like to attend your wedding will be able to be there.

Or you can change the date to one that isn't close to a holiday, and hope that more people can attend.

Sometimes if you get the date out far enough ahead of time, people will decide to celebrate the holiday away from home, at your wedding. But they need lots of time to prepare for this.

And it depends on how you invite family groups. If you were planning on a child-free wedding, inviting your friends but not their children, you will probably have a lot of people deciding to stay home and celebrate Easter with their kids. If you invite the whole family, they might be able to come, if they don't have other family commitments they have to honor.

I don't know what religion you are planning on getting married in, but I believe Catholics cannot get married on Good Friday or Holy Saturday (the Saturday before Easter). If you aren't Catholic, I'd check with your church.

Another alternative, if that date is really very important to you, is to wait a year and get married on April 19, 2015.

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Other issues to think about if you have a protestant church wedding: you may be able to find a church to hold it (preferably one you regularly attend - if you don't attend a church, this is a good time to start). However, the church may already be decorated with a cross, Easter lilies or other things traditional to that church and which you will probably not be able to move.

You will also probably need to have the ceremony earlier in the day, not in the evening. Many churches have choir rehearsal, Easter pagent rehearsal or other activities the day before.

Have you considered having the ceremony and reception in the same location and not at a church? Depending on the denomination, many pastors are willing to officiate at a ceremony not held at their church. If you send out save the dates several month in advance, your family and friends can make plans to attend and then celebrate Easter in your city.

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