My first garden project with mortar

addiesueJune 6, 2011

I've wanted to attempt something outside since I started following Slowmedown's beautiful fantasy garden but too afraid to. I decided I may screw it up but if I don't try I'll never learn. So I pulled some of Slow's comments and went toLowes for some mortar with polymer.

Well, finally, after lots of cussing, fits of rage, and man handling my 50lb bag of mortar this is what I ended up's my first attempt and it's kind of lopsided and imperfect but that's ok. I feel like a kindergartener who just produced her first finger! I can't wait to fill it up with dirt and stick some flowers in it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Project

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Well you l'il heifer!!!!!!!!!! How the heck did you accomplish that gorgeous little planter border??????? You've been holding out on us. WOW - looks like you've been doing this for years. I absolutely LOVE the irregular shapes. Tell us your technique. What you call imperfections are what my neighbor called "artistic" when I dug my first flower bed and put down the scalloped borders - w/OUT laying out the lines. You should be VERY proud of this. Can't wait to see it planted, and to see what your technique was.

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LOL....technique? I have a technique and didn't even know It was like a rolling snowball....I thought it was going t eat me! I first made the pavers...easy enough. Then I wanted to pour a stem wall to adhere the pavers to...not sure how. Thought some tin flashing I had was a great idea...not so much. It started waving out, thus, the waves in the I adhered the pavers with the polymer mortar and added the blue glass to the top by squishing it in to the mortar (not sure if that was the right way or not so it might all pop out). Anyway, it doesn't look anything like I had imagined but I like it anyway.

Thank you for sounding so excited and you for that! I'm going to pick up some flowers tomorrow and will post a pic when it's all planted.


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totally awesome, it gets in your blood. YOu will be on a roll now.

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Way to go!! So glad you posted pics too! What a nice smaller project to start with, it feels so good to accomplish it doesn't it!?! Like the colors too, so how long did it take you?

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I I like this very much. I have been wanting to do something like this .

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Its gorgeous! It will be wonderful planted.

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Oooooohhh I love it! And really, I love that it's not a perfect arc. I think it's way more artsy and unique that way. If I were you, I'd start lieing and telling people that's exactly what you were going for. LOL

And yes, squishing tiles into the top is a perfectly fine technique. I think it turned out beautifully! You are officially not a novice anymore. Can't wait to see the next project!

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I also really like how this turned out. I think we're always our own worst critic. It is one of a kind and unique and that's what makes it special.

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EXACTLY - unique - just what I was thinking. Doesn't it make you feel good to know no one else w/ever have one like it? Flashing!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOODNESS. So THAT was your mold. I can see where you w/have trouble, but hey, it worked and you did it. There are easier ways to do this, of course. Y'all know I'm addicted to using the diamond metal lath, so naturally I'm going to suggest to you, ADDIE, to try it. If you're interested, CALAMITY, KLINGER or I can help you w/that. You won't have as much trouble w/that technique. Again, I applaud you and your beautiful project. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Forgot to add LORI to that list - she's now a pro, having made her Mr. Sea from the lath.

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What a beautiful job. I also think you should say you meant it to be that way. I certainly would not have thought you was fooling....cause I think it looks awesome with it's own unique twists and turns. The blue shows up and stands out so nicely. Hope you post pics of it planted

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Wow, that looks so good! Looks forward to seeing it planted too.

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