I am so happy today!!

silverswordJune 10, 2011

Dad and SM were supposed to fly in for a family event this weekend, but SM got sick and couldn't make it. My relief is indescribable. She actually drug it right down to the wire, was at the airport and then decided she didn't want to come. Thank goodness. She is SICK and she was going to fly for 8 hours to get here. Any bets that the rest of us would have gotten sick too? Anyone remember the last time she came out she was sick and got us all horribly sick on our vacation?

No special shopping trips. No mindless conversation. No person butting into my conversation with EVERYONE to talk about herself.

No special favors, or having to leave the event early because of _______________ whatever she wants to pick this day as an excuse. No driving her up 200 miles to see her family (yes, I actually WAS going to do that). And yes, this is petty, but no wet floor and shaved animal wads of hair in the bathroom.

Just me and my dad and my daughter this weekend. Bliss.

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Do you think she's really sick, or do you think she expected your Dad to cancel and stay home with her? Bet on constant moaning phone calls to your Dad....

But enough about you. Let's talk about ME now! Have I ever mentioned my special dietary needs to you? And how I require at least two large towels, pure cotton, white but unbleached, for every single shower I take... and the toilet paper! I need special toilet paper, and a lot of it... ;-)

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Lmao Mattie! Hahahahahahahahaha silver if that didn't make your day I don't know what will!!

Too funny!

Congrats to you! Woo Hoo!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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LMAO Mattie! Here's a map to the grocery store, and the broom to sweep up after yourself when you get out of the shower and a lamp to knock yourself in the head with on the way out :)

(I'm practicing for next time:)

I don't know if she was really sick. I know she actually went to the airport before she decided. It was down to the wire. On FB I saw her making plans for the weekend, so not "that" sick.

We had a GREAT weekend. Absolutely wonderful. Best ever.

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That is so great to hear! I'm glad you finally got a weekend with Dad, and without the "But are these towels 100% pure Egyptian cotton?" woman.

I don't know; why do I get the feeling that she was trying some control thing with your dad and trying to get him to cancel? You'd think that after he went without her, she'd have had the good sense to not publicly announce her "Fine, I'll show you" plans to the world. If she thinks she's going to start playing power games with your dad she might find herself surprised and dismayed by the result (fingers crossed!)

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I have the same niggling feeling Mattie. But it was really, really a great time without her. All the stress just fell away.

I get the feeling things may be stabilizing with them (and me). But please, keep those fingers crossed!!

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