I can finally tell about Beetle Bits System

cacbearyJune 28, 2008

Finally can tell what all happened with the BB system & the shoe. Remember Ray seen the Dorothy shoe I posted here & asked to email him. He used the shoe in an ad. But then I did a 3 1/2 page tutorial for Glass Pattern Quarterly making a Dorothy shoe (2 actually) & Ray used those shoes in an ad that appeared in GPQ. It's in the summer issue & has finally come out & I can tell.

I had so much fun working with Ray. When this all started it was like a tornado hit & my life was the shoe for about a month & a half. Ray even let me be involved with the ad & I felt so part of the whole thing. It was fun as it could be. GPQ was real nice to work with too. I took pics while making the shoe & wrote a tutorial & burned a CD & mailed it in. An editor called & interviewed me over the phone & edited the tutorial for me. I was genuinely surprised how much they kept of what I originally said.

I was going to make a PDF file of the tutorial but all rights & pics to the tutorial now belong to GPQ.Borders has GPQ magazine & not sure what other bookstores but you can read it while visiting the store. Here's a pic of the ad.

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Being new I'm not familiar with the names and events, but those shoes are gorgeous!
Congrats to you!

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Texasfern - Ray is the owner of Creative Stained Glass & invented the Beetle Bits Cutting System. I received the BB system for Christmas & made a Dorothy shoe. I posted here, the girls asked where I got the tile from, I explained about the system, & posted pics. Ray got on & asked me to call him & this is the rest of the story.

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WOW! So richly deserved, too! Congrats on both the ad with Ray and our tutorial being published in GPQ! Gotta go check it out...those Dorothy shoes are phenomenal!! Bet these are the first of many wonderful exposures of your art!


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YES!!! What a way to show off what the beetle system can do!!! I still wanna get me a Bettle system....maybe for my B-Day....Congrats on SGQ!!!! WOW!!! The lady who owns the local stained glass shop here in Nanaimo, has been featured a few times, and I let my subscription run out, I'll have to order this one!!!!

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Fabulous job, CAC. What an experience you had! Congrats. This, no doubt, w/lead to greater things in your art future.

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How exciting for you!! Featured in a magazine! What fun that must have been. The shoes are gorgeous! I haven't tried the BB system, I bought the Morton System before I heard of the Beetle Bits......darn! I WANT one!

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so exciting. Now I want to pick your brains. I have been playing with my beetle bits and I have a few questions, can't think of them at this moment, and I know Ray said I could call him or email him, but curious how you did those beautiful shoes!!

Congratulations!! You are on your way!!! Too cool!!! Enjoy your fame!! Is that Stained Glass Quarterly?? Wonder if we can pick up one issue? have no idea how much it might cost.

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Here is the website for SGQ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained Glass Quarterly

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C * O * N * G * R * A * T * S ! ! !
That is soooooooooo coooooool..........
Now YOU are published ! ! !
WOW !!!! How thrilling is that....
Thanks for
sharing the pics and telling your story !!!!
I Love the
YEA ! ! !
God Bless !

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It's called Glass Patterns Quarterly & Borders sells it.
I made a web page with the BB system experimenting & playing with it, doing whole sheets of diamonds, squares, & triangles. It will probably answer some of your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beetle Bits System

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Wow - congratulations! That is wonderful, and so richly deserved; those shoes are da BOMB.

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