Anderson Vs Marvin Windows

JonK8idFebruary 24, 2013

I need immediate help in choosing windows. We are purchasing 41 windows for our home. We are renovating an old colonial and building an addition. Here are our requirements : 6 over 6, simulated divided lights, pine interior, white exterior with low e glass, and the tilt option. Our contractor gave us quotes for Anderson A series, and Marvin clad ultimate double hung windows which matched the Anderson price. Are these two windows comparable? Every dealer we go to gives us different prices and different recommendations. Any comments will be appreciated!

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Same price, no question in my mind. Marvins are the much better choice!!

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So the Anderson A-Series and Marvin Ultimate Clad are comparable windows? I just want to be sure I'm getting the best window for the dollar!

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I do not feel they are that close at all, while the Andersen is not a bad product Marvin Ultimates are about the best wood window on the market.

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Thanks for the quick feedback. Looks like we are heading down the Marvin path!

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I would agree with MWM. The Andersen is nice, but the Marvin is better IMO. At the same price, I'd choose the Marvin 100 out of 100 times.

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