Appropriate gift for Bride/Groom from Parents?

Glitter53July 20, 2004

Hello. My DH and I are considering gifts for our DD and her Groom for their wedding, and, as they have combined households and don't really "need" anything in that area, I wondered if matching watches would be an appropriate gift for them...something quite nice...If not, is there anything you might suggest, perhaps something you wish to have received? I'm quite at a loss as to what to isn't personal enough...

Thanks for any suggestions you may have...

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I'm not sure about the watches. They seem to me to be very personal. Along with many others, I don't even own a watch, but if I did, I'd want to choose the style myself. Of course, you know your daughter better than I - I'm just talking in general terms.

How about landscaping, if they've just purchased a home? Or a set of outdoor furniture? Or bed linens, as they can be quite expensive. Maybe an antique that's been handed down in your family.

Maybe a decorative piece - I love to give art glass, and it's always well received. If they cook, you might get a set of cookware they'd like. If they're professionals, you might get good briefcases or portfolios.

You can also give experiences, such a tickets to the theater or a concert, gift certificates to dinner, etc. Or even a trip.

If you haven't already done this, how about a photo album with pictures of relatives living and dead, with captions including a bit about the person. Things like, "Great uncle Andrew - he once worked as a sword swallower with the circus!"

Good luck - I can imagine how tough this would be.

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Watches would be very nice I think, so long as you know what they would like.

What about something for the honeymoon... maybe upgrade them to better accomodations and first class plane tickets (don't tell them first though let them be suprised!), and/or send them on some kind of special date or excursion.

A nice camera and/or video camera to record the honeymoon, babies if they will have them, etc. Would be nice to give those along with some old family albums and framed portraits.

Family heirlooms, if you have any that you are ready to pass on, and handmade things like quilts are nice.

A really nice, heirloom-quality, china cabinet or bed or other piece of furniture. Maybe antique. Or art.

My mom's present to us was just paying for the wedding, and making the cake. My husband's parents gave us all of our crystal, and my grandparents gave us all of our china.

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Something that I saw and would have loved to have received as a wedding present - Couple Cooking Classes. You could get them hats, aprons, oven mitts, and one (or more) cooking classes to take together. I love to cook, but it would be fun to take a class with my husband and learn to make a great meal together!

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I second the vote for the video camera (or digital camera). Like the poster mentioned it will be not only good for the wedding and honey moon, but for the future as well.

What about a nice new set of luggage? Especially if they are traveling for their honeymoon - and plan on traveling in the future.

Someone above mentioned something for their home. Is there a piece of furniture they may want? I also like the idea of a new bedding set.

As for a gift of inlaws gave us money. We didn't find it impersonal at all, but I certainly understand your concern, I don't usually give money for a gift either.

Good luck!

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Once again you gals came through for me! How wonderful of you to take time and respond! I never thought of a video camera, and, as they're going on a Mediterranean cruise, this will be perfect!! Couples' cooking classes would also be neat, but not offered in this town, unfortunately: and they do love to bake and preserve and cook together! Bed linens have been taken care of and they have a fully furnished home...although I love the idea of purchasing a landscaper for their front yard!! What a wonderful idea!!'ve got my head swimming with wonderful ideas...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
7 weeks to go!!!!

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