Installing Flanged Windows

thezdorschFebruary 4, 2013

How are you installing flanged windows?

I am preparing to install several Simonton windows, but am having a difficult time finding compatible materials for the window installation.

I plan to use roofing felt as my weather resistive barrier instead of house wrap. Since I am using something with asphalt, my selection of flashing tape is more limited--it seems Vycor Plus or Protecto Wrap BT25XL. I have not been able to find Protectowrap locally, so I plan to use the Vycor Plus. Now to my actual compatibility issue...

The Vycor Plus lists that caulking the window flange as unnecessary with their sealing tape, but if caulking is necessary it must be non-hydrocarbon sealant. The Simonton installation instructions specifically state sealant must be used behind the nailing flange. I have not been able to find anything that is non-hydrocarbon (I take this to be basically the same as no-VOC). Am I missing something here?

Has anyone else run into this compatibility issue (I have seen this problem mentioned on other sites, but no solutions)? What are you using to install windows?
Thank you!

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Back to the first part, why felt instead of a woven poly?

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I chose to use felt because of the underlying structure of rigid foam followed by t1-11. I would like to leave the breathability that the felt will offer over the house wrap (I'm in a mixed humid climate).

I do not wish to get into an argument of which is better--I'm just trying to find a solution to the compatibility issue with flexible flashing and sealants.

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" I have not been able to find anything that is non-hydrocarbon"

Any of the acrylic, water clean, up caulks is what they mean.

They do not want you to use butyl products.

The solvents in them can damage plastic.

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The permeability of the wall is only as low as the lowest component.

Depending on the foam, it could be less than 1.

Tyvek is also about 8X more permeable than 15 lb felt.

I am not claiming one is better over the other, however, most would argue that Tyvek and other building wraps are easier to work with and provide a more seamless exterior.

Using Tyvek will also allow you to use their complete system which is therefore warranted.

+1 to brickeys comments.

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