Polyblend or not...New to mosaics

laurasthemeJune 21, 2009

I have several boxes of stained glass pieces that were given to me and I'm dying to try a mosaic. The 2 hardware stores here in my town have only polyblend grout. Should I go with it or drive to Lowes for a different sanded grout?

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Hi, LAURA: I remember you posting a long time ago - glad you're back. IMHO, the Polyblend grout is a good one. I used it when I tiled my kitchen counters/backsplash, and have had no problems. I think you can use it inside and outside. Don't know about colors, but you can color it, if your store only carries white. I mix my own grouts to make charcoal, so never use white. Since I've been using Mapei from Lowes, I'm so happy w/it, I have no reason to change. Hope you start mosaicing soon. I know it's late in the day, but break something TODAY, and glue tomorrow.

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I've used polyblend and laticrete brands, they seem about equal. Get the sanded types

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The sanded polybelnd is all I use and have never had any problems with it. Anxious to see your project!!! Pics please...

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I use polyblend, I like it actually. It seems smoother and more velvety than laticrete, the only thing Ive noticed is I have to add more water because it seems to want to really thicken when it slakes.

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Thanks, all of you. I'll get the polyblend and try it. Hope to have something done in a few days. I'll post pics.

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