Air Leakage Rates for windows

jabekFebruary 27, 2013

quick question. when windows are tested ( double hungs) for air leakage performance, is there a set size that is usually tested? for example a 36 x 60.
can a window get a better number by it being larger ? 46 x 70 ?
thanx all

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Yes there are standard sizes that are typically tested, and yes the numbers can be manipulated by testing an oversized window since the AI is based on cfm per sq. ft.

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what is the usual size that is tested?

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The size tested is usually 36 x 60 . Going to a larger size such as a 46 x 60 will render a lower number which is kind of cheating.
The lower the number, the better. I look for a number .07 or lower on a double hung.

Both the Okna 800 and Himark are .01
Okna 500 and HiMark 500 - .02
Soft Lite Elements is .01
Soft Lite Imperial LS is .02
Sunrise Vanguard is a .04
Simonton 5500 is a .17 (high )
Alside Sheffield is a .2 ( very high) not good !

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Do you know about Thermal Windows manufactured in Tulsa. Thermal broken aluminum. Thanks, Peke

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