Second Time Bride

zbrattxJuly 1, 2004

Hi, All:

I have been reading past posts and love all of your ideas, pictures and general sharing of your speical day. I am a regular reader/sometime poster at the Kitchen Table. Now I have a question for the wedding forum gals. Where can I find a site for a wedding dress/attire that includes pants (gasp) for the second time bride? I have looked on google with no luck and am now turning to the experts -- future and recent brides. I am traditional in all other aspects, but I don't wear dresses or skirts in everyday life and I prefer pants for my wedding. Any ideas or links you may have run across? Thanks in advance and Best Wishes to each and every bride to be!


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That is a toughie...I just did a Google too and came up with nothing. How dressy do you want your pants suit to be?
I would think that you could go to a high end department store like Saks or Neiman Marcus and ask a stylist there for help. You could probably find seperate pieces and pull them together, like a lacy jacket with silk or satin pants.
There are also some very pretty suits with skirts too that don't look that formal...

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Here are a couple at Neiman Marcus

Here is a link that might be useful: Neiman Marcus

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Spiegal has some pretty things too

Here is a link that might be useful: spiegal

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Have you thought about having something custom made by a professional seamstress?

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Alfred Angelo actually makes a 2 piece (3 piece really) wedding outfit that has pants. They have a matching top, skirt and pants. If you go to the Alfred Angelo website you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

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I would second (third, fourth? LOL) the idea of a high-end department store for a nice pantsuit. I'm a first-time bride, but I bought the white skirt suit I'm wearing for my wedding at rack for $20. I'm not normally a "dress/skirt" person either, but I did want to be a little more "dressed-up" for my wedding, so I decided on a simple skirt & jacket suit that I can wear a white silk tank under. It's formal and elegant with lace on the sleeves, but the skirt is knee length, and the jacket is fairly "no frills" aside from the lace. I'm very happy with it, and will be comfortable in it, which is my main goal.

I can't imagine you'd have a hard time finding an elegant pantsuit at a department store that will look just wonderful, and be comfortable too... :-)

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Don't search for "wedding" stuff, you won't find much among the million dresses, just search for a nice white suit, online and/or at dept stores. has a lot of clothing stores on there, including Nordstrom.

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Thanks ladies for all of the wonderful responses! Guess I will be spending my lunch hour searching the net!

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Also check out boutiques and web sites that offer cruise wear. You can often find lovely gowns and pants outfits that are perfect for weddings and usually less expensive as well.

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Best place under bridal dresses and they have great prices!

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I was at a bridal fashion show, and they had LOTS of dressy pants outfits. They were fashioned for the Mother of the Bride. I would do a search for mother of the bride, instead of bridal, and you might be able to find more.
I attended a wedding in June where the step-mother of the bride had on a dressy pants suit, and it was identical to the one I saw in the fashion show. I am sure they make them in all colors. Worth looking into.

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I think pants is a very chic thing to wear. I would recommend wearing a nice white pants suit - it keeps it still "bridal". I have seen many white tuxedo style suits for women - I have even seen photos of famous brides who wore white suits when they got married. Most designers make a white suit. When are you getting married? Fashion is released about one season ahead, so many places are starting to get in their fall items now. You may want to go to a discount store that sells last season's items.

Places where I have seen white suits: Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, Macys, Neiman Marcus, Ann Taylor, etc. If you wanted to go all out I know that Armani and a lot of the high-end designer labels make white suits. A satin is most formal or a fabric that is most like a tux - a wool or wool/silk blend. They even have suits with some bead work.

I've noticed to keep it really dressy and formal the brides keep the suit real elegant by not wearing anything heavy under the jacket (the famous brides wear nothing under the jacket) like a light cami. Wear minimal jewelry (like a nice pair of earrings and ring only)), some strappy evening sandals, carry a small elegant nosegay, and wear your hair in a modern style. I think this is a great look for a day or evening wedding - but it is a bit more formal. You could make it more casual by wearing a white suit in a different fabric - like linen.

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I did a quick search and found a few pantsuits you might like.



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My mom just ordered her dress for my wedding from a company caled Barrie Pace. Her dress is fab! I went to the website to try to find a picture of her dres to share with FMIL and step mother. I found some of the prettiest and classiest dresses/pantsuits I have ever seen! In their MOB section there is a beautiful tuxedo style pantsuit that would be perfect for a wedding. I thought of you right away!

Here is the link...and please let us all know what you decide to wear!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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WOW.. I am so pleased to hear that someone other than myself is wearing a pant suit to get married. My mother is appalled at the idea but I truly want to keep it simple and not mush fuss about my wedding at all.. yet I do not want to elope and get marrried.. quite a complicated yet simple task! :) I personally think a white/ ivory pant suit can look very elegant. Being a New Year's Wedding I am not sure if white/ ivory is the proper way to go for color but what are the other choices?... Any suggestions for something for a New Year's wedding is welcome! :)

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I was a bridesmaid in a traditional Indian wedding last year. At one of the parties, I noticed that the women (those who don't wear saris) often wear something that I can only describe as a long, beautifully embroidered tunic with pants underneath. I have no idea what this is called but if you live in a city there are generally Indian tailors/clothing stores and the fabrics are beautiful.

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I am invited to a wedding anniversary party and plan on wearing a pair of black carwash pants. I need ideas on what I can wear for a top preferably a dressy one. Thanks!

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Hi ... I definitely know what you're going through. I searched just about all department stores, etc. on the net ... no luck. Believe it or not, I found an absolutely classy pant outfit at Dress Barn of all places, and it was very reasonable ... more so than my son's suit !!! Good luck and best wishes

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