where can I get a nice pen w/ permanent ink?

lynbornmanJuly 22, 2004

My guest book is going to be a 'certificate' in which we'll have our monogram, vows and numerous lines for the guests to sign. I've attached a link to it below just for fun if anyone wants to see it. We're also getting all of our stationary from this site (table cards, menu etc..). Anyhow, as we plan to frame this certificate and want it to last we need to use permanent ink. Regular ink will fade very quickly and the company does not recommend it. They include 2 sharpie pens with the certificate, but thats not exactly the pretty kind of pen I had pictured. Anyone have a suggestion as to where I can get a permanent pen (fountain, india ink, fine marker etc..)that is attractive and comes with a holder? I can't find anything. Thanks for the help!! I'll take any suggestions at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedding Stationary

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Visit any retailer who sells scrapbooking supplies. Select a nice pen that is "acid free" and it will last forever on your document. Scrapbook stores have a large variety to choose from. Or the scrapbooking aisle in Walmart.
They also sell nice pens like you discribed in office supply stores, or Michael's Arts & Crafts.
We used a fine line sharpie for our signature mat.
It wasn't the nicest looking pen, but it served it's purpose.

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I second Penny's suggestion. They won't be super pretty, but they will work. You can dress them up if you want. My cousin took floral tape (green and wrapped it around from the tip to the end and placed a fake flower at the end (opposite the writing side). They were really cute - she put them in little clay pots (tip side down, flower end up) with glass beads (the kind that are irridescent that florist use sometimes) to hold them upright. It was really quite cute. I recommend getting an acid free pen with a fine to medium point - fine will allow you to get more signatures. I would probably not use an extra thin point, because it will be too thin and difficult for some people to use.

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