Thermal Industries, Sunrise or Softlite Windows

lakefamilyFebruary 19, 2013

We're looking to replace several double hung windows. We receive a lot of high winds and rain directly off Lake Erie, so this is a critical decision (as is the quality of the installation, of course which has been discussed with the companies). We've looked at Thermal Industries, Softlite (Barrington model) and Sunrise. Can we go wrong with any of these choices? Any strong recommendations about one of these over the others and why? Thanks in advance.

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Sunrise and soft lite are better options. The fact that thermal industries utilize a " snap in sloped sill" rather than a welded sloped is a big time issue with me and most other pro's .
Ask to see the soft lite imperial LS. Sunrise is nice as sure it's not the sunrise essentials though.

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If wind (IE: air infiltration) is a primary concern, I would recommend the same as mmarsel, check out the Softlite Imperial LS/Elements. Next on my list would be the Barrington and Sunrise (very close), then a step down to the TI. Each window has independently tested air infiltration ratings, so get those for each choice and it will make your choice a little easier. (hint: The order that I've listed them reflects those AI ratings best to worst). You might also consider HiMark or Okna if you have a dealer in your area.

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I would add sash reinforcement to the Barrington and to the others if available. Barrington is good but is at bottom of Soft-Lite food chain.

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I am replacing a bunch of Thermal Industries windows that are 6 years old. All leaking into the drywall cavity. Thermal blames installer, installer blames Thermal. I'd steer clear.

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From everything I've read, and I've done pretty extensive research, DG, if all your windows are failing it's most likely the installer. Can't be sure, but it's not likely that "a bunch" of windows would all fail simultaneously, one bad one maybe, but not all. Thermal Industries, while not the top of the heap has a reasonably good reputation, and has been around for 50 years so I'd try to stay on the installers to resolve this. I doubt Thermal would be in business this long if this was consistently a problem. I have some Thermal Industries sliders which have performed fine, but this company may not be the best window for my current needs. All of the comments I've received have been very helpful. I've decided to go with the Sunrise Pro. Thanks again.

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The pro is a softlite model.... Unless your dealer has his own names for the sunrise line.
DG, I would agree that an installation issue sounds more likely. What reasons did each party give?

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Windows on Washington

Are you using the same installer for the new windows?

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