Will this work? Silva's next project

silvamaeJune 13, 2010

I was so busy yesterday morning, running late, children to mind, cake to ice, errands to run and then a pool party at 11:30 a.m., so right in the middle of it all, I veered off onto a side road and stopped at a garage sale. I bought a big old lazy Susan for one dollar. I have always wanted to mosaic one. I have many beautiful sets of plates that I have nipped that have both a center focal design and rims. Here's the challenge I have set for myself. I want the tesserae to be perfectly level. Now it happens that I have a stepping stone mold that is exactly the same size as the lazy Susan. So here's my plan. I am going to use the indirect method, creating the pattern upside down in the mold, carefully pour some Diamondcrete just to cover the tess, and v-e-r-y carefully turn it over and gently lift it out and install it onto the lazy Susan. Will it work? I will report back.

Now before I start this project, I must grout and finish up the Rhythm and Blues guitar (see link below) and at least start another guitar for my husband (he is sad because he wants the Rhythm and Blues guitar for himself, so I must make another one for him. Not the same of course, but similar.) The next two weeks are going to be busy. We are leaving Tuesday morning for Galveston and the next week I will teach a mosaic course for three days. Also, in the back of my mind lurks the kiln that I just had to have and am not using (and the unfinished glass head.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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Well, of course it'll work SILVA. I've never done the indirect method, but I've seen lost of the results, and they're beautiful. Love your guitar. Your bizzyness sounds like mine. I'm mulching all my flowerbeds BY MYSELF. My Jeep holds 14 3-cubic ft. bags of mulch. I roll them into my wheelbarrow, one bag at a time, and to the site. Got 13 down in two days, and went to Lowes today and got 14 more bags. I figure it'll take about four trips. Working in 90/95 degrees isn't the funnest thing I've ever done (can't drag my buttons outta bed b/f daylight anymore), but hopefully, this w/cut down on weeding for the rest of the summer.

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Thinking further on this, SILVA, I suppose you'll have to treat the edges after you adhere the mosaic to the Lazy S. Guess you've already thought of that.

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I thought I would use thinset for the edges . . .

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You girls sound like me .I am having a group of kids here this week they are from EMPACT a christen group about 300 of them have descended on our little group they will be doing missionary work helping those in need .I am in need so they are panting my house and cutting back bushes and so on .I am so blessed My DH is disabled and we can aford to have it all done and I can not do all .All for my blessing but I do need to be here and kinda keep them strait.HA!!!
Any way I am getting off base .I would put a little glue with the TS and pant it around the side of it.

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Most things I do are: "Jane, boldly going where Jane has not gone before!" So I say go for it...my other saying is: Perfection is overrated!!!ha! That's why I took up mosaics! So much more forgiving! Plus you could do so many things around the edge, a string of beads or pearls? I just love how blingy your guitar is...lovely! I have been saving some veeeery nice colorful plates till I get just the right project....

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