The Highlight of our Honeymoon (pic)

penny_savJuly 5, 2004

Don't worry, it's a G rated photo! LOL

My "husband" knowing how much I love dolphins, wanted to take me to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins. I can now die a happy bride! I had the time of my life!


Getting a BIG kiss!

Riding on the dolphin!

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Wow Penny! What amazing pictures. Did your husband take them? It looks like he would have made a great photographer (had he not already been a key member of the wedding party).

It seems like the perfect honeymoon to me. I'm so jealous ;0)

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My husband did not take the photos, he was in the lagoon swimming too. They don't allow you to carry cameras in for the swim. The dolphins will try to eat them.
While you are in the lagoon swimming with the dolphins, there is a photographer and videographer taking lots of pictures. An added expense at the end is buying the video tape, and the photo cd. Seeing how it was a once in a life-time deal, I had to have both! LOL
Glad you enjoyed the photos.

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Lol, Penny, I remember when we went to Universal Studios my brother was in a mock episode of Star Trek (he was a kling on) and he bought the video tape and all other related parafanalia (that word just looks wrong - sp). But you can't afford not to get them. Having pictures like that makes it well worth the expense in my eyes.

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Beautiful! Congratulations!

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ Video

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Oh my husband and I went to discovery cove this past sept. It was AWESOME! I bragged to everyone about it! We just loved it!
those are great pics!

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I have always wanted to do that also. That is soooo cool Penny. I can see why it was a highlight of your trip. Lucky girl!

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Thanks for sharing those pictures, Penny! You look so cute and happy. I'd love to try a dolphin swim someday.

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those are beautiful pics and it looks like you had wonderful time. cngrats and best of luck for your life together with your new husband...

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