Is or has anyone planned anything as a surprise for FI at wedding

lynbornmanJuly 20, 2004

I would love to surprise my fiance with something special big or small doesn't matter, but something that he does not know about and will be a good memory for him. He is very involved in our wedding planning (just as much if not more than me). So he is quite aware of everything at this point. Any suggestions for some kind of special surprise or romantic notion?

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Here is an idea that I might be using. The lady who will be doing our pictures told me about this...and will do it for me...After I have my hair trial I will get into my dress and she will take some portrait pictures that we will then frame and at the reception I will give to my new husband. At first I thought it was kinda cheesy, but after talking it over with friends and family they all think it is a sweet idea. And then I get to wear my dress more than once!

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Can you sing?

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I had his wedding band engraved. He loved it. Best $7 I ever spent.

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My husband had a song dedicated to me at our reception. I thought it was very romantic. The dj handed him the mic to make the dedication himself. It was so sweet!

If you and your fiance have a special song or something you'd like to say to him, that's a great time! And he's sure to remember it!

My husband got the cd and slipped it to the dj during the reception without my knowing and hubby was very involved in all our wedding plans, but I never suspected a thing!

If you aren't having a dj, you could ask someone to slip that song into your music at some point.

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Here are some surprises I have seen/heard of/done:

- Bagpipes at the wedding (husband is part scottish, so it was a nod to his family)
- Cigar Bar at reception (husband loves cigars and he participated with the guests)
- Ice Martini bar (bar carved out of ice and served his favorite drink)
- Surprise guest (a close friend or family member that groom didn't think could come to celebration showed up as a surprise)
- A surprise groom's cake representing his hobbies
- Having a snack brought to your wedding night suite/room of his favorite treats for after the reception
- A gift given to him right before the ceremony with a nice card expressing how you are looking forward to getting married to him - cufflinks, watch, tie, pen, etc.

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You could write him a poem about why you married him or what you hope your future will be like.

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Since we are getting married in my country and no family or friends can make the trip..all his friends got together and made a video wishing him well. I am going to play it during the reception.

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These ideas are excellent! Thanks so much. I have a lot to think about now. I was quite stumped.

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