Black Tie wedding attire

Dotty9July 4, 2004

We are going to a black tie wedding in about 3 weeks. My husband is wearing a black suit,with a tuxedo shirt,and bow tie......Now,for me; I havn't got my dress yet;plan to go this week. Does it have to be LONG,or will a dressy street length be appropriate?

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It's just me again; Also,is a dressy pant suit appropriate?

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Well, to me, "Black Tie" indicates formal- men in tuxedos, women in long evening wear. I wouldn't wear even the dressiest pants suit. Perhaps you could canvas other guests of this wedding as to what they intend to wear. Not everyone goes strictly by the rules any more.

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I agree. Black tie is too formal for pants of any style.

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Have to agree with the other posters, pant suits are not formal wear attire. Long dresses or gowns are appropriate. You want to look as formal as your husband. Go long and classy. NancyLouise

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Thank you all for your opinions.Even though I have dressy pant suits,I really didn't plan on wearing one,just wanted opinions; I love dressing up,and wearing long dresses,so really am looking forward to it.Thank you all.

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Well, this may be yet another thing that varies with community, but for what it's worth: around here, when the invitation says "black tie," the women wear very dressy outfits, and what that means varies from year to year. In the last few years, at black tie weddings, I have seen long dresses, dressy short dresses, and plenty of dressy pants outfits, too (and I've worn all three myself and felt fine in each). It seems to be more the fabrics, trims, and cut (low neck or back, short skirt, tight, etc.), and even accessories (sparkling jewelry, evening bag, party shoes) that make the difference than length of skirt or skirt vs. pants.

Dotty says she wants to wear a long dress anyway, so this is not relevant to her, but in case someone else reading this thread already has a party outfit that has pants, she should know she can go ahead and wear it to a black tie event (at least here, she could) and not have to run out and buy something new because pants are "forbidden."

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