This is Outrageous!!!-aaagghhh

parent_of_oneJune 30, 2011

OMG This is just getting ridiculous! Not Stepfamily related but really I am going nuts here.

Here is the issue: SO IS THROWING FOOD AWAY, no, not rotten, went bad kind of food, just food that could be used!! When reminded or asked not to, he doesn't do it, but when is not reminded then just watch out, everything mindlessly flies to a trash can! I literally fish food out out of a trash can.

Here are examples.

1.I bought fresh pitta bread last night, we once again have house guests visiting for the weekend so we need more than we normally would buy...Guess where pitta bread just two days old ends up, yeap, trash can. "you just bought fresh one, why do we need old one?" It was not bad, just not as fresh but could still be used! I literally just saw it there and took it out.

2. Green oinion, SO cuts white part out, guess where green part ends up, yeap, trash can. "this part does not taste good and looks wilted".

3.Guess where slightly brownish banana ends up? Yeap trash can.

4.Guess where dill ended up? "it did not look fresh" It looked fine!

5.Cut up vegetables, some parts went into salad, guess where the rest went, yeap, trash can. "those are just left over pieces, they don't look good" It is almost like a half of tomato!

I literally daily dig up in trash can. Mind you it is not like SO is clueless about cooking or groceries or food prices. SO is the one who does most cooking in the house, does grocery shopping as much as me if not more, and actually is frugal more than me, but what's up with this throw away food????? Literally when he cooks and I am cleaning around I am watching him and catch stuff before it goes to trash. I think it is just sinful. I am so annoyed. I feel like putting a sign on a fridge, DO NOT THROW FOOD AWAY.

Sometimes he catches himself before he throws stuff away and stops himself, but it is just not to upset me not to treat food with respect. Actually he got better over time because when i first met him everything flew into a trash can. I guess I feel better now...

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If he's gonna do this, he should at least compost...

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LOL! He's just being 'helpful' and saving time by pre-cleaning the fridge so he might not have to later?

I must raise my hand of being guilty of sometimes doing the same thing. Yes, there is half a cucumber left, but do I really want to use it withing the next couple days for something else? Depends on what I have ideas to serve as meals the next couple days.

I'm actually better in the fall and winter months about not tossing a part of something. Veggies get put in freezer for soups. Summers, I freeze/can garden produce or make salsa ect out of the half of this and that.

Breads go in freezer for bread pudding and bread crumbs. I actually prefer fresh bakery breads daily or every couple days (I'm old, grew up with a Gma who made homemade bread two or three times a week LOL).

Well, PO1, as wasteful as it seems and annoying as it is...but glad he does not do other things like toss his dirty laundry on the floor or blech non-stop at the dinner table. Life could be worse. Get him some freezer bags and suggest he freeze what he can. I do put fresh herbs in ice cubes for use while cooking if I'm not going to use them up quickly...I have basils and such fresh in container gardening on the deck to use fresh most the summer.

I'm sure if I think about it, my DH has a few annoying habits or does things occassionally that seem 'what the *ell' to me, but then I'm sure I do things that drive him a bit crazy too.

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My DH is weird about that, too. Not with all foods, namely milk and bread.

What drives me crazy is the milk. He is a big milk drinker---then add in the two kids who drink it with every meal and it ends up being that we go through a gallon of milk every 2-3 days. DH will always, always open the NEW container, regardless of how much is left in the old one. And the "old" one is never more than a few days old! I usually buy a new gallon when we're running low-ish on milk, so there's always still enough in the old container for at least another couple full glasses.

But DH ALWAYS opens the fresh container. ALWAYS.

He does the same thing with bread----if there's a few slices left in the older package, he will open the new one.

Maybe it's a guy thing?

Oh well. I agree---if that's the worst SO does, it's not so bad!

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thanks everyone, oh I know in a big scheme of things it is not a big deal. But how annoying! hahha you are funny justmetoo LOL "he is just being helpful" I like that. Yesterday he said "this whip-cream has been here for too long, should we throw it away?". "Hmmm?...No? It is sealed and expires in September? And we bought it for guests that are arriving tomorrow?"

i have a lot of annoying habits too, i do not turn the lights off and leave appliances and running water on. DD used to walk behind me and turn things off "mom you are hurting environment". SO always asks me "are you still watching it?" "are you still in that room?" "do you need that water running?" I got better but you are right, we all have bad habit.

there is just something about throwing food away that causes emotional response in me. I once was in DonkinDonuts right before closing and employees were throwing bagel away (I know it is a rule, i worked in food industry) but I went back to my car and cried thinking of how many people would beg for crumbs of a bagel and how many died and die every day of starvation and malnutrition, watching food going to trash just breaks my heart. Just something about throwing food away...Plus I was raised with "do not throw away food". (of course it is different if food is expired or truly went bad).

Love, it must be man thing! I NEVER open new milk or bread if old is still fine.

But I see now I am not alone in this! Makes me feel better.

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My DH throws things out if it hits the expiration date. It makes me nuts. I tell him, it's the SELL-BY date, not the AT MIDNIGHT IT TURNS INTO E-COLI date.

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Not a guy thing!! I take the new bread!!!! I saw a comedian once that said Mom, do you ever dig in to the loaf and take the GOOD bread and give your family the BAD bread..SSSHH Guilty Guilty....

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"My DH throws things out if it hits the expiration date."

At least he looks at expiration date! SO drives his conclusions based on how long it's been in a fridge "it's been here too long, must be old". Can food, expiration year 2013.

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