Question on OKNA windows

HankFrankFebruary 22, 2013

I have recently had installed a project that included some OKNA 800's, 500's and Starmark's. Mostly double hung windows.

On many of the Windows (all three types) when you put your hands near the slider tabs that you would engage to tilt the window, I am feeling cold radiating from that spot. I am not really feeling much air movement - it seems to be very slight. I am a little surprised given the AI rating on all three types of OKNAs. The slider tabs are also quite cold.

Any comments on there on this. Is this normal?


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I have never really experienced this because Okna make such a tight window. However, when it is very cold no operable window can be air 100% air tight,it's just not possible and its the corners that you will feel it if you are touching thqt area. If you were to take an average window and put in the same opening, you will notice it much much more than the Okna which is as tight as you are going to get.
I just edited this post Frank, It did seem strange at first.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. I put 800's on my main floor, 500's on the bedroom level and I had some double hungs that were too large for the 800 series, so they made them in Starmark. It is a valid question.

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Mr. Frank,

Where is the home located? Do you have any more details you can provide on the install?

Customers often think that a window (an operable unit) is going to be 100% airtight and it just isn't a possibility. I can show you some leaky windows and a leaky home will drive air infiltration on a window level.

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I have sent you a private email detailing my question/concern.

Thank you.

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Hank, my recommendation would be to contact your installer to take a look. On one hand, the Himark/Okna line is one of the tightest and most efficient that you will find. On the other hand, even the highest quality windows are generally going to be the weak point in a wall assembly, so it is important to have realistic expectations... The first course of action is to have your installation company come out and verify that they are properly installed.

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