Mother of the Bride Speech

jbkiddJuly 7, 2006

Does anyone have any suggestions about the mother of bride making a speech.

Looking for some examples that I could work on.


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Others here have much more knowledge than I, however, I've never seen the MOB make a speech. If you plan to speak, just say what is in your heart, but stick to the good stuff!

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The reason I am making the speech is that my husband does not feel comfortable speaking in front of large crowds.

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If you are speaking for your husband, then you might begin by thanking the guests for coming and then say something about your daughter and how happy the groom has made her (assuming that is true) and welcome him into the family. It doesn't have to be long.

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And welcome his family into yours. You can tell a cute story about their courtship, or when you as mom could tell this was her true love, or some other very short story. You can comment on the wonderful futures they have carved out with the talents and careers each possesses. Compliment his parents on doing such a nice job of raising such a wonderful young man. And then toast the couple with the champagne.

Your heart will be full that day. It will help to memorize your opening sentence to get you going, and the toast, which is your last sentence to help you end with a flourish.

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