Color dilema!

ali82flaJuly 4, 2005

I am wearing an ivory dress, does this mean my linens and chair covers can't be white b/c I heard it will make my dress look like it's dirty! If so, what accents go with ivory linens? And, can the groomsmen wear white shirts?

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At my son's recent wedding, the table linens were ivory with colored napkins. My DIL wore an ivory gown and her veil was white. My son's tuxedo shirt, tie and vest were white. Everything was beautiful, nothing looks dirty or dingy. Are you considering an ivory veil?

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No problem at all to mix ivory and white. It will all look great, and nothing will look dingy. Just cross this one off your list of worries!

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I don't think they'll make your dress look dirty. People said the same thing to me about my ivory dress and DH's white shirt, but we looked fine together. Personally, I prefer linens other than white--ours were celadon.

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I like ivory with gold - very smart.

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DD is wearing ivory. We could have had ivory linens, but we like the white instead. It will work just fine.

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Some brides actually choose white and ivory or cream as their wedding colors. I just met with a bride who is using white tablecloths and white chair covers with ivor sashes. Her flowers will be cream and she is using ivory/cream candles for her centerpieces.

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I thought of you when I was at a bridal shower today. The bride received a sugar bowl in her china pattern. The china is both cream and white, so I took a close look, and it is GORGEOUS. Not just okay, but a really wonderful combination -- in fact, I think an all white-and-cream wedding would be amazing.

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