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newgardner_ncFebruary 20, 2009

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It is my understanding that the window distrbutors sell to the Dealers and they sell it to public. A friend of mine said "the distributors sell to Dealers as well as General contractors and New home builders. General contractors and builders can get at the same price as dealers." My immediate response "I am really not sure". Any one can shed some light into this?

BTW, I am just curious if the window prices have dropped as raw material prices have dropped considerably and also gas prices came down also. Economy is in a bad shape and any one know if the window prices have come down?



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The companies on the verge of bankruptcy will lower their prices and cut corners as they enter the death spiral. The better managed and financially stable companies will leave their current pricing in place for a while and then increase the price as their competitors go under. About the dumbest thing a company can do is reduce their profit margins.

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When the raw material prices have fallen, reducing the price does not eat into their profit but rather helps them to sell more and keep their people employed. You mean prices always head towards the sky? metal prices have tumbled, wood price have fallen substantially. It does not make sense to raise price. It is this kind of sentiment got us into this trouble that we are in.
1) House prices soared astronomically when banks started lending with no restrictions.
2) Banks didn't have anything invested like earlier days because the loan got divided and became part of mortgage security and was traded like stock.
3) stock brokers were not held responsible because if they did well they were rewarded, but if they didn't do well nothing happened. In fact they got bonuses even for poor performance.
4) Seeing the house prices soaring, the material prices also went up - law of demand and supply.
5)Majority of the hard working folks really lost as their savings/children's college fund/retirement melted away and continues to melt.
6)Big banks and other companies are bailed out, but who is bailing out the person near retirement?
sorry, skydawggy that's how I feel. I am sure plenty of reders will would respond with their sentiments.

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I missed one other that should have gone between bullet#1 and bullet#2.
1a) People who borrowed didn't have much invested like 20% down payment nor the backs used earning to mortage payment ratio calculation as they used to do before.

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I do not believe and I could be wrong you will never see a major window manufacturer lower there prices due to cost of raw materials going down, the same as when prices go crazy inflating up they still for the most part have ONE price increase a year on average.The price increases they do have are very rarely across the board and different products have different increases due to the material cost used for the product. What you probably would see if the raw material costs stay down is no increase the next calender year or a if there is an increase a smaller than average increase.

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Why would you think he should contact a manufacturer in the U.K.?

There are many companies in the U.S. that manufacture and install their own windows. That fact doesn't mean they make a quality window and it doesn't mean you get a lower price or a better quality installation. In fact it's just as likely you will overpay as get a good overall window and installation when purchasing through an authorized dealer. Most of your better U.S. manufacturers do not provide a factory owned installation service.

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when the price of oil drops, roofing material stays the same. same with everything else including windows. any reputable company will never lower prices and hurt margins just to garner business , in fact alot of higher end companies have recently raised prices.

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I'm still trying to figure out how a 3 1/2 year old thread suddenly jumped back up to the top without a post being made. Strange!

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Me thinks someone spammed it and a moderator erased the offending post.

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Aha...that's gotta be it.

Well, here we are nearly 4 years later and I haven't gotten a price reduction yet.

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I was reading it and the first thing to clue me in was the screen name I posted under then!!!!

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Me too. ; )

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