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jbkiddJuly 9, 2006

My daughter is getting married next July 7, 2007, since the date comes out to 777 and that being a luck combination of numbers was wondering what kind of decorations we could use and what kind of table favors we could use keeping in mind the numbers 777.

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Lucky bamboo for table favors or part of the decorations. One of the prettiest centerpieces I've seen was a combo of small bamboo, small orchids, and other things I cannot remember.

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Lucky charms! No seriously, using symbols of luck from around the world incorporated in the centerpieces, like the lucky bamboo. A wishing well, for good luck of course.


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I just wanted to tell you, you made a good choice. People can be petty and well, bluntly, stupid sometimes. As an illustration, my DD introduced a fellow she dated a couple of times, a high school friend to a girl at college. They hit it off, dated, became engaged, everyone still friends. Now, it's time for the wedding. Groom suggested that DD be included because she was close friend, and introduced them. Bride instead insisted that ALL EX GIRLFRIENDS be dropped from the list. Guess who is not going to the wedding let alone being acknowledged for starting this couple off?

She (DD)is laughing it off, but groom is still upset; he said other than his mom and dad, DD was the one person he wanted there.


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sorry, thought the last was posted to another thread.

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Check out this website

They have wonderful theme ideas, inexpensive jewellery, and delivery is really fast! My best friend ordered from them and she was thrilled with the service and quality.

Check it out, I am sure you will find something that you will like.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2-be-unique Theme Ideas

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I see no need for a theme at a wedding. The theme is the love these two share and the joining of two individuals into one family. To me, pretty flowers and bridesmaids and cake and tables are enough.

I could see the theme being used for a shower or for the rehearsal dinner. But I think of weddings as more romantic and formal.

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You could do the actual ceremony very formal and do a casino type reception. Please do not think fuzzy dice, but have fun colors (las vegas sign Yellows, Turquiose, Red) play a lot of Sinatra and Martin. Have a deck of cards printed with the bride and grooms' names and date of wedding. Have it themed "Your Lucky Day". Lots of fun.
Good Luck,
Kimberly Grubbs
And Ever After
Full Service Wedding and Event Planning

Here is a link that might be useful: And Ever After

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Wedding theme is allways a personal choice, some couples are only doing specific colors, some have exciting destination weddings, it is all about preference. Everyone should choose thier own wedding ceremony that will make them happy on thier special day.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2-be-unique Bridal Jewelry and Accessories

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dd2 had a destination wedding and her theme was beach related.

her remember the date were miniture glass bottles of sand and shells, her invitations, a beach chair.

at the brunch at the hotel, i made centerpieces of glass bowls, with yet more sand, shells, and tall taper candles (which, we had to leave...boohoo) and finally, (almost) each person recieved a full-sized beach towel.

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