Marvin Integrity Window Review

nikki1026February 9, 2014

Do NOT buy Marvin Integrity windows with grills in them. Although I feel that Marvin did a good job with the window itself, the removable, wooden grills were so poorly made that you will never be able to remove them once they are put in, if you can even get them in.

Two years ago I purchased many new construction M.I double hung windows with the wooden grills inserted from the interior side of the window. The windows I purchased are fiberglass exterior clad and wood interior clad. They are beautiful but the wooden grills that they made for these windows are "junk". First off, almost half of them broke upon their initial installation with some already broken right out of the box. They were made of cheap pine or some other softwood and made in pieces. Each piece is poorly glued to the other pieces and as soon as you apply slight pressure to them, they break. Initially installing them in your windows is a guarantee that they will break in so many places, even in places where there is no joint revealing how weak the wood itself is. I can't tell you how many times my expert carpenters, painters, and family have verbalized inappropriate language when installing and painting the windows on the inside. I found out that my neighbor, who has the same windows and purchased them several years earlier than me, had the same problem. They finally took the grills out and threw them away. Now there house doesn't look as nice. I like the looks of the grills. My house is a colonial and would look horrible without the grills in the windows. Sadly, I can't wash my windows unless I want to break some of them. From experience, I have found that you have about a 30% chance of breaking the grills when removing them to wash your windows. And that is with careful removal. In one particular window in my house, it broke into so many pieces that I now have a double hung window with a grill on the top and no grill on the bottom. It looks horrible next to the other identical set of double hung windows that both have their grills. This particular window has never gotten a chance to have a grill in it. It was broken in several pieces as soon as we attempted to put it into the window after it was painted. To remedy this, I will now have to purchase a new grill for this window; something I shouldn't have to do. Oh and all the glue in the world couldn't fix it. This is very frustrating. I am not sure what to do. I should have bought windows with the grills between the glass but with an upscale house, I wanted to purchase windows of fine quality and appearance. I don't understand why Marvin did not resolve this problem years ago. I can't imagine that they would not have noticed this in their initial project testing of the M.I. windows. What a shame that something as minor as grills can hamper the value and reputation of a window. The next time I build a house I will not purchase the M.I. windows because of this problem. I have seen other companies with grills that do not easily break.

I am not sure if this is the proper site to leave this comment so I will leave it everywhere on the internet that I can. I want to spare consumers the great disappointment in Marvin Integrity windows with grills that I have experienced.

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If you are talking about MI Windows ( metal industries), they are ansolutely horrible. marvin make a nice window with the exception of the integrity which i think looks cheap and isnt designed well.
Snap in grids always create problems but many customers choose that option because snap in grids are cheap. I recommend investing in true SDL grids ( simulated divided lites) or grids between the glass. Many companies now offer grids between the glass with a contoured bevel opposed to just being flat and fake looking. Contoured grids between the glass are very sharp and many customers choose that option due to the glass being easier to clean amd much less expensivebthan SDL grids.

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Can't speak for double hung windows. I really like my Integrity casement windows and french and sliding doors.
I have cottage SDLs.

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Have you made a warranty claim with Integrity? If they are only two years old, I think Marvin/Integrity will replace them. I agree with mmarse1, I do not recommend the removable grids but they are a less expensive alternative.

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I don't think I've sold removable grids in 10+ years. Never been a fan. But as mentioned above you should contact who you bought the windows from in regards to warranty.

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The Integrity is a solid choice for a window with a wood interior. I'd agree with everyone else though that the removable grids are bad. In fairness, it is not at all isolated to this product. ALL removable grids are bad news. As mentioned above, grids between the glass or SDL's are much better choices. May companies don't even offer the removable grids anymore.

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Well, as a dissenting voice, I have been looking for removable grids and have been considering integrity windows for that reason. Of course, the SDLs look so much nicer but they are actually a little much for my little house. Expense is always a factor but the biggest reason for me is that I don't want to clean 32 little squares of glass for each window inside and out. And I just don't like the look of any of the between the glass grids.

I grew up with and my current house has the old anderson narrowlines with the cheap plastic grids. Guess what? I really like them and always have, despite the pita of removing and finessing them back into position. And despite the chintzy quality. They still look nice inside and out.

Nikki, thanks for posting your bad impressions of the's good to know or be forewarned that all might not be rosy with them and it's certainly something I will ask the dealer about before making any final decisions. Would your house still look good if all the upper sashes had grids and not the lowers? I've seen that look nice on colonials. That way, you would have less frustration and some spares you can squirrel away for when others fail.

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I built a new home in 2006. It is a large, well built home with custom features. I went with Marvin Integrity on the advise of a builder friend. I had issues in the first 6 months, mainly problems opening and closing. They are very difficult to open and close. I've had the distributor to the house 3 times but all they do is spray a little silicon, add a weather strip, take measurements and leave, no follow up. The windows work ok for a while then go back to the way they were. I think the silicon spray is the temporary fix. Anyway, I would not advise dealing with Marvin. They will tell you to deal with the distributor who will only try to buy time until your warrantee is up.

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I've never seen a removable grid that didn't look and work like crap. They all (Marvin, Andersen, Pella, Jeld-Wen in my experience) are difficult to remove and replace and break in the process.

In contrast the Integrity SDL windows we have look and work very well. We've only been using them for a little over a year, but so far there have been no issues with any of the windows (double hung, awning and sliders). Compared to the other brands I've used they are quite efficient and really good value for the money.

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Get the dealer to come look at installation issues. Maybe not square?

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Been a while. Did have the dealer come out at least twice, took measurements. They indicated off square was not an issue which frustrated me to no end since it must be the windows! I am getting worn down which I believe is part of their plan. I will probably go to another better quality window in the next year or two if there is no satisfaction. Very frustrating.

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Why not call Marvin directly? From my past dealings and knowing people who deal with them everyday they are very responsive to consumer issues with regards to product quality.

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Good advice. Going direct to Marvin. Will let you know how it goes.

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