Case Some or All Windows?

redshoetravelerFebruary 9, 2012

We are building a new house & would like to case the windows, which isn't comment in our area (most windows are just drywalled with a window sill).

Our builder and the finish carpenter both think I shouldn't case ALL the windows. I agree with them that the windows in the showers can do without casings...just trim them with the shower material. But should casing the other windows be an all or nothing thing? They both think the two windows in the entry way should not be cased because it would be "too much" with the other trim and that it looks better with more "space" around the area...there is a white shelf with baseboard above the entry way in addition to the regular trim (see picture below). All trim will be painted white.

Any opinions out there? Thanks!

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I don't think that casing the windows HAS to be an all or nothing deal. But it does bring the house together when they are all done.

I would case the windows in the main areas of the house, possibly the main bedroom and then leave out the spare/kids bedrooms if you want.

as for the arch window(s) in the door way, I'd picture frame it (case all around and inside without a prodruding sill. It will give it "pop".

I can't really see it, but the door trim looks pretty basic, doesn't really flow well with the rest of the trim. Something seems off about the whole thing, can't put my finger on it.

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I'd case those. They probably don't want to because of the arched tops, they will need special trim. You can get wood custom made, or get some flexible stuff since it will be white anyway.
I generally see casing being all or nothing, but andrew's suggestion of doing the main living space but not the bedrooms is acceptable as well.

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I prefer the casing look as well and it doesn't have to be the same rule throughout the home.

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Thanks! Yes, I definitely agree that a sill would not look appropriate on those windows.

The door trim is pretty basic, but none of the other trim is fancy...the base & crown are just larger (6 1/4" & 5 3/4" respectively). Let me know if you figure out what is "off" since I haven't noticed anything.

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Its probably just that the windows, at least in the area of the picture need somthing. Like trim work.

I like to match the surrounding windows and doors with the same trim. So if you are going to do the windows, the they should match, at least in the same area's.

Just did a house and we used 2 1/2 inch standard (366) trim in the bed room and doors, and then in the living room larger 3 1/2" "flat" board trim. The thing is, is they had me do the master bedroom door in 3 1/2 and the windows in the same room in 366 trim, and I thought it looked akward, not terrible, just akward.

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I think the "weirdness" is that the door transom appears to be shorter in width than the door. Not sure if that is due to drywall returns or what, but it does make it look kind of off.

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Looks a tiny bit off.

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