wedding or bridal?

mrs.mickiJuly 25, 2006

What is the difference between a Bridal shower and a wedding shower? My DD almost had a fit when I said Bridal shower instead of Wedding shower, and I did not feel safe at moment to ask what's the diff? She has not been her loving self lately and trying to avoid anything to set off explosions.Would appreciate any help on this one. Micki

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I don't understand her upset. I think I usually hear it referred to a bridal shower, and there is a post today with bridal shower is the heading.

Either way, I think is fine...absolutely nothing to get upset over.

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As posted the terms are generally used interchangeably. I also have heard the term Bridal with showers that go with more intimate subjects and wedding with showers that deal more with the home and public areas of the relationship. It could be that she was a bit sensitive about the private type of gifts suggested with that interpretation of the type of showers?

You know your daughter best, is it a misinterpretation of terms or is she just stressed? If it is stress, good luck! No, actually, I'm serious -- help her break down the planning so it is manageable, small chunks that can be dealt with, checked off the list, destressing.


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I honestly don't remember hearing the term wedding shower used much if any at all. I've always just heard bridal shower. But if I had to guess a difference, it might be that bridal shower implies females only, and wedding shower would include men. Totally just a guess on my part. You might want to just say "shower" without specifying what kind for the time being until your daughter's stress level comes down. :)

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speaking as a word maven: "bridal" is an adjective, which is properly used before a noun.

"wedding" is a noun. It can be called upon to serve as an adjective (the grammatical term is "attributive noun"--like "marlboro man"), but it's sometimes awkward.

That's why I've almost never heard the term "wedding shower."

But I think lowspark has one good idea anyway. I found this at

Today, many "wedding showers" are being thrown that includes both the bride and groom and their "couple friends" in what is termed as a "Jack and Jill" shower.

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Yeah, One good idea is about all I'm normally allowed! LOL! And I guess this one was it for the month! Heehehehe

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Lowspark you were right, talked to a wedding planner and she said they have changed it to wedding shower when both sexes are going to be present.Great to learn something new everyday.DD has calmed down a little bit, but I'm sure calmness will fade away in a few weeks as we get closer to the big day.Just keep trying to assure FSIL that it will get better I promise.LOL

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I sure wouldn't guess that "wedding" means coed and "bridal" means women only. I would consider them synonymous.

It sounds like your daughter has a case of pre-wedding (should that be pre-bridal?!) hysteria -- I'm guessing this isn't the only example you've seen, and I admire your serenity and patience dealing with her. Maybe she needs to read some "bridezilla" comments to get a little perspective and sense of humor and proportion -- although it sounds like she would NOT be amused right now.

Good luck and congratulations!

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