Carry a purse?

socksJuly 15, 2006

Does the mother of the bride or groom carry a purse? Probably not, but I'm thinking about car keys, kleenex, lipstick, etc.

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Sure. You're going to want to carry your things the same as any other time. Just have someone else hold it for you for your trip down the aisle.

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Another option is to place it in the bride's dressing room during the ceremony, or in any secure location. You can place tissues in your husband's jacket pocket so that they are handy when needed during the ceremony.

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As a wedding consultant I have seen many different trips down the aisle. I have had a mother carry a rosary that was passed down from generation to generation. I have also seen a MOB carry a bouquet. Purses are not that uncommon. My only suggestion would be to carry a formal clutch or one that has a small handle. Good luck!
Kimberly Grubbs
And Ever After
Full Service Wedding and Event Planning

Here is a link that might be useful: And Ever After

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I had an usher make a trip down the aisle before many people had begun to arrive and place my purse in the pew I would occupy.
Linda C

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