Help on Outdoor Project Please?

daisymeJune 30, 2008

I found a nice shallow wooden bowl today that I think would be a great size for a birdbath. I would like to use the petals for flowers I've been cutting at Flag's suggestion on it. Is it feasible to use a bowl like this for an outdoor mosaic project? (It's a decorative piece with something like Hungarian folk painting on it that you would normally see hung on a wall inside). If it is possible to use it, what would I seal it with before thinsetting the pieces and afterwards to seal it against the elements?

Thanks! Daisy (me!)

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Paint the whole thing with Kilz, two coats, then I would cover the thing with thinset, a thin layer to adhere the tess to. Use thinset to set your flower petals and leaves, Gout with thinset too, or I would. You can use regular grout if you wish. Then seal the whole thing with Tilelab sealer available at Home Depot in Gallon jugs. Check for the water tightness by spraying with a little water and make sure it beads up and rolls off, if not apply a second coat. I can't wait to see this...

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Thank you. You are such a great friend, Flag. I should 'a known you'd be the first one to reply. *:) Is Kilz available at Home Depot and Lowes too? We have a Lowes out here.

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yeah Kilz can be had at lowes too. But I still wouldn't use wood outdoors...

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Hmmmm, food for thought. Anyone else want to tell me their experience with wood outside if properly prepared? What happened to yours Nicethyme? I'd hate to lose this piece and could keep looking for a ceramic base to use..Hmmmmm.

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Its because I do not believe that wood can be made impervious and will eventually absorb moisture. Some have had luck and things have lasted fine, I just wouldn't chance it. Silvamae can show you a table disaster

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Thanks for taking time to give me your input. My DH has been concerned about expansion/contraction. It might be as easy just to find a ceramic piece than chance it.

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Yep, I'd pass on the wood for outdoors, esp a way to REALLY seal it enough to keep the moisture/humidity from affecting it. Keep your wooden bowl for indoors and be sure to post pics s-o-o-o-on!!


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Will do!!!

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Hmmmmmmm - when I was looking for first projects to mosaic, I had a wooden colum in my yard I'd taken down when I first moved in - six years ago. It's made of cedar. I figured it'll last my lifetime, so I mosaiced it. It's the blue one in my album w/the mosaiced turbine on top. When I question using wood, I have to think of the house in LA that is covered in mosaic, and wonder how long it's been mosaiced. Depending on what kind of wood your bowl is made of IMO, if you follow FLAG's suggestion, I'll bet that bowl w/hold up for years and years and years. After all, it w/be encased in concrete, and the deterioration w/be slowed. SILVAMAE's table was plywood, and isn't a good subject for outside. I'd do it!!!!!
House of Shards

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Thank you so much, Slow. It's so helpful to learn the processes for deciding as well as the methods for assuring a good outcome. I do love this ceramic I'm using, and I think you know it's my first "true" mosaic, so I'm trying to be careful in hopes it'll last. I'm very anxious to get this project started on its substrate so I can see it develop. I was nipping leaves yesterday (which I'd never made before) and they're so fun to see. Next step is to find the sealants and thinset, all of which which I think I can get at Lowes 10 miles above here. Living out here in a small town in the country can have its drawbacks when it comes to instant shopping satisfaction. (smile)

Thank you all again for your thoughtful responses. You're terrific, and I appreciate you all so much.


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Go for it Gail! This bowl is not going to expand/contract when it is encased in concrete. Like I said it will last yours and my lifetime, after that, who cares? It will be beautiful. I am proud of you cutting leaves, take some green with you to the camper, sit outside and nip,nip,nip!
Sweep all the shards into the fire pit, you will be suprised how many leaves you can do in an hour. I did a whole lot for my flower pot, and I still have a plastic container full for next time. I have been cutting BIG leaves today for the block pedestal for the pot, now I gotta figure out what to use for a vine, thinking rope, but that may change. lol

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