Tek-View windows

john33rrFebruary 1, 2014

I'm buying new windows for my home. A salesman talked to
me about TekView windows by Gossen Corp located in
Wisconsin. Has anyone ever heard of these windows and what quality are they. I received a price of $5100.00 including labor for 15 windows. This is just replacing the sashes. I am located in NC.

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Just replacing the sashes?

Are the current windows wood?

I am not a fan of sash kits in a majority of the applications given the lack of suitable frame alignment and condition.

Please tell us more about the project and about your current windows.

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+1 on sash kits. Not a fan.
Not very familiar with the product but they appear to have some affiliation with Weathershield. There is plenty of info out there on those guys.

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Acdording to their website they do not make a sash pac or sash replacement. They do however sell Weathershield which would probably eliminate them in my opinion as W/S is pretty much crap and shows what sort of dealer he is.

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My current windows are 30 years old. My house was custom built so it was well built. I believe the frames to be straight and no wood rot. My current windows are wood made by a company called Huttig. No argon gas or lowE.

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