draft from window slide channel

steve_2007February 10, 2010

We have Simonton windows installed in our energy star home, but there are drafts of cold air coming in at the edges of the windows where the window slides up and down. I had forgotten about it until now (when it got cold). We had a Simonton rep here once and he gave us these little foam blocks to put in the channels to stop the drafts, but they don't seem to work real well. Anyone else have this problem? Know of any fixes? The drafts are worse of course on the side of the house where the wind is blowing the hardest.

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Windows on Washington

Skydawggy mentioned checking the weep hole doors once before.

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Push on the stile (side rail of sash) halfway down. If the draft next to the tilt latch is stopped or slowed by doing this, a larger weatherstrip on face of sash will help a lot. A taller window will have this problem more often, but it can be the case with any unit using a wool/fin slot mounted weatherstrip. I have resolved many complaints in windy conditions by "beefing up" the weatherstrip.

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Nothing like relying on disposable thicker foam and plastic parts to ensure your NEW windows seal properly. What a shame! I thought this window brand was supposed to excel in the plastic window industry. What happened to the good old days of well-built windows with storms that sealed properly? The more I learn about modern practices implemented in the building industry to comply with energy star, the less faith I have in Energy Star guidelines. They are requiring the use of technology that currently does not exist in durable and sustainable products. If I were to build my own house, I would completely diregard ES and do my own research. It is my opinion that Energy Star and other "green" movements are short-sighted and creating a disposable environment that will saturate our landfills with toxic plastics and metals in the years to come (whether it is plastic roofs, siding, windows or the nickel batteries used in hybrid vehicles).

Back to the OP's question, I would demand of the manufacture to see their performance specifications and hold them true to their data. If they cannot meet your demands, force them to take the product back and supply you a proper replacement. I'd badger them beyond the limit of their patience, and force their hand to comply.

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I gather from the original question that the house is fairly new, has single hung new construction windows, and products and systems installed came with Energy Star labels. I guess that makes it a qualified Energy Star home.

The long-winded rant above aimed at but missed the actual issue. Installation and adjustment of products are just as important as the products tested rating. Unfortunately, installers rarely understand how important their job is. That is because they "aren't paid enough" to follow all recommended steps of installation. That quote is real! I have heard it more times than I care to recall. The dealer or manufacturer covers for the builder/installer with band-aid fixes to not lose future sales of product.

As Paul said...Now you know, the rest of the story.

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Roman shades made with black out lining are great for drafts and insulation.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35721439

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