pgt or cgi hurricane impact replacement windows

kay2000February 28, 2009

We are in South Florida and want to replace our windows. We have heard that CGI laminated windows with annealed glass are pretty much distortion free. PGT laminated windows use heat-strengthened glass that are stronger, but tend to cause some distortion. Since we will still use hurricane shutters, we prefer to go with distortion-free CGI windows.

Is anyone familiar with the CGI product?

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Heat strengthening impact resistant glass improves wind resistant performance - which results in a higher DP - but it does nothing to improve impact performance.

The downside of tempering or heat-strengthening the glass in any laminated make-up (as you noted) is an increased chance of distortion becase of non-parallel surfaces in the two lites that make up the laminate.

I would almost always suggest annealed glass in any laminated make up, if it meets windload / DP requirements, and you want to minimize potential glass distortion.

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Thank you so much for that information. I'm so happy to read a confirmation on what I had heard here and there. Since we will continue to use our hurricane shutters when necessary, I think we'll be happy with the annealed laminated glass. Thanks again!

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Follow up: We installed CGI Hurricane Windows, aluminum casement style to replace our awning windows from the 1970's. We are extremely happy with them. When ordering them, I was asked if I wanted clear glass or green tinted glass. I thought the green tint would look too commercial, and possibly affect the daylight shining through. When looking outside, the clear glass is perfect, but from the outside looking in, the glass looks almost black unless you have a window covering directly at the window. We usually keep our blinds/curtains open, so the glass looks dark from the street. When the blinds are down, the clear glass appears as it is... clear.
On a large "picture" window, a different glass had to be used due to the large size. That window decidedly has a greenish tint and I can see the effect of the outside light shining in through that particular window. It is listed as "clear" glass, but there is a greenish tint. Just fyi.

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Three year update on CGI window installation. We are still enjoying our impact windows and have since installed CGI French Doors on the patio. Excellent quality and appearance.

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