One fun day!

daisymeJune 10, 2008

I went to a big neighborhood sale and got these great plates to break for birdhouses! Whahoo! I'm sure gonna have fun especially with the leopard stack and the big platter. (It's a shame to break that one, but you know how brutal we can be in the name of mosaic). LOL

And then I went out to my favorite hill and got this slate. They're my (and everyone elses') favorite tesserie for roofs.

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Whoa!!!! You did really good!

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Okay, I want a box full of slate...If I print a flat rate label and email it to you,can you fill a flat rate box with slate and driftwood pieces and send it my way? Maybe we could do a swap? What do you need from Texas, except a one way ticket here.
Love the dishes, can't wait to see you work them up in something. Good job Gail

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those blue and white ones look just like my neighbors dishes I was seriously thinking about trying to talk him out of the LOL. I like the toile pattern i think it would be beautiful on something. this is where i keep hitting a wall though I dont know what to do.

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I've done two projects with that pattern and have mixed it with a similar one in brown. They're really attractive together, and it's one of my favorite combinations. I also like that there's usually a scene in the center of a plate to cut out and use. Can't beat that combination. You know...all your neighbor could say is "no". (smile) Let me know if he hands it over. Some would! I saw a whole really large set of it at a garage sale this week, but I just couldn't break their set to take only what I wanted. I'd love to see another project done in that pattern. It's dense, but not too busy.

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Great plates!! LOVE that leopard print! Gonna have to do a Tarzan birdhouse now, LOL!!

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What a great find. I can't wait to see what you make with them. I love your birdhouses.

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Great score!!

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Hey, Flag. Are you serious? And what's a flat rate label? I might need one of those for the exchange!

Cindiloo, it'll be quite fun to do that birdhouse. I have a couple of separate pieces that should work with the theme.

And Carolann, thanks for the encouragement by your nice comment!

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Wow, those plates are beautiful. I will never look a plate the same way again, thanks to all you folks.

I can't believe you just gather that slate, how wonderful to just find it. What do you use for the framework of your birdhouses? Do you make those too?

Can't wait to see what becomes of those plates under your guidance and creativity.

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Springville, I feel the same way about looking at plates and alot of other thriftstore potential tesserae too. And my eyes are searching the ground ALWAYS. (grin)

I am lucky to have slate nearby, but you might be able to find something good in commercial stone yards. I look there for stones to set my houses on and often see good smaller pieces sitting on the ground under the cages and can get them usually for free.

The houses are just on birdhouse frames from Michaels and JoAnn's and others I find at thrifts. They're ususally of such a light weight and quality that I don't feel they should be used outdoors and the finished houses are therefore more decorative. Occasionally though I do find a good heavy piece that can be sealed and then used outside.

I can't believe I'm retired and can't find time to get it all done, but I know YOU all know how that is. I'll get my exchange gift off and then start on something new. Flag's got me thinking about a particular project and I couldn't get it off my mind all night. Oh oh.....

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The post office has flat rate boxes and before the postage increase you can send one crammed full anywhere in the US for $8.95. I use it a lot on my Ebay stuff. I will measure it and let you know how big it is. I haven't checked the new postage rates so it may be more now.

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Great stuff!
And soooo funny that I had the blue and white set for the longest time. ( I wonder where they went?) I have cloth napkins and table cloth that match the fruit pattern. I have a Talavera teapot that matches that plate! I do have paper leopard napkins to decoupage with !! And those rocks, they match the ones in my head !!! LOL

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And those rocks, they match the ones in my head !!! LOL

Ha ha ha! Good one! My rocks are more like match my pea brain!

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Lori! It was great to have a good laugh reading your post. It's so interesting that you have so many things to match MINE! Did you get my email with my photos and notes about our dads?

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daisyme those are great finds. The slate looks great and a great addition to birdhouses

That flat rate priority box is now I think 9.80 and measures 11 x 8.5 x 5.5

I am reading of the exchanges and seems right now is a bank I will skim more threads to learn more

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Hi, Red. Thanks for the info and for jumping in here already. It's great to have you about. Is that flat rate box through US mail? Do you know who has the best rates for a 2 pound box NOT that configuration?

I am participating in the current bank exchange and am really happy about it. I was so sorry I missed the winter exchange which was 6 inch spheres. If you haven't see the incredible pieces that were produced for that, do look for them. They are wonderful. We hope you'll join the NEXT exchange! The more the merrier!

Daisy (me!)

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daisy yes that is us mail. Depends on your area of shipping for the box. If you are in same region it really reduces cost. A 2# item can become 4# after wrapping carefully and the box. It is tough. Sometimes I do parcel for over 5# or fed ex. You can play on for price quotes if you know the zip code.

Yes I do look forward to future exchanges

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Thanks so much, Red, I'm going to need to know about mailing costs so I can keep doing this. I'll look forward to seeing you in the next exchange!

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