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r_jainFebruary 11, 2011

I know this questoon must have been asked many times before but i could not find a stright answer to this...probably there is non.

So here is my question.

I live in Connecticut ( close to new york) and we are trying to build our 2800 sq ft house. I am excited and very scared of it too. Scared because of the money and time it will take to make the house. We are trying to build this house on budget but do not want to compromise too much as we live is an upscale neighborhood where a teardown house will cost 600,000. Considering this can you suggest what windows we should use which would not be very expensive but at the same time it would not be junk. I have hired a GC but only for labor, I will buy the material myself. Please Please guys help.

I understand you might not have a clear answer but even if you can guide me to choose which one and from where to buy that would really help.

Thanks once again

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Couple questions before we get you started with idea. What type of windows, casements, double hung's, etc. What type of material would you want your windows made of,wood,vinyl, fiberglass,fiberglass/wood int.,aluminum,aluminum clad wood etc,?

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What is your budget and what type of styles are you considering?

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I like casement ( all over), picture windows ( in front )and slider in the kitchen.
one french door and 2 slider doors.
I am considering fiberglass or vinyl.
I have 22 windows and doors.
1 french door
2 slider door
1 slider window
15 casement
3 picture window

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If you are on a budget, then forget fiberglass. It's not made for people on a budget. I'd concentrate on vinyl windows. The price of vinyl can vary greatly depending on the quality. Generally the better window manufacturers do not sell windows to homeowners or builders because they are interested in installation quality. If you have a budget in mind, it's easier to make recommendations.

Simonton is probably the best window available to you and your builder. The better brands like Sunrise, Okna, Gorell and softlite are probably not available to you unless you can convince a dealer to sell them to you.

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I have a contractor who is very well known and have build many good quality homes in our city. I have worked with him a contract where he would provide labor and i will buy the material...this way i can save more money. I was lookint at anderson 400 or marvin integrity. Should i also look at Simonton? or any other brands if the manufacturer can sell it to us?

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First you need to decide whether you want wood, vinyl or fiberglass. The Andersen is wood, the Marvin is fiberglass and the Simonton is vinyl. Once you decide it will be easier to help you. I would not use a general contractor to install windows. Odds are he will use workers with general construction skills. I would spend the extra money and hire a professional window installer.

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