Replacing Windows - Please Help!!

twindaddFebruary 4, 2013

We just purchased a new home in the Northeast (Long Island, NY) with original windows from 1958. We would like to replace all of the windows as part of a larger renovation but would prefer to not replace the siding on the house at this point.

A few questions...

1) Are we even candidates for replacement windows, or must we go with a new construction product based on the existing metal window frame (see pic)?

2) Our architect has initially spec'd Andersen 400 but I think I may prefer the Integrity by Marvin product based on my initial research. Do either of these present material differences from the other with regard to price, installation or quality? All of the windows will be double hung with SDL grids.

3) Any other project guidance you can provide? I'm a newbie to this and want to try and do it right this time so I don't have to do it again, but also not get "taken" by salespeople.

Thanks so much in advance.

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What is the impetus behind the window replacement?

If you don't like the look, you are always a candidate.

If you are looking purely for energy efficiency improvements, the first place to look is at the attic and other items.

The Integrity is a solid choice and should have all the same available options as the 400. Cost depends on what people are charging up there but you will commonly see them referred to as similarly priced materials.

What else are you doing at the home?

If it is just window replacements, find a qualified contractor and keep reading. You will quickly learn everything that you need to know and focus on.

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What wow said, and where on L.I., I may be able to help guide you if your interested. I do not sell residential windows but may be able to guide with where to get certain products, you may email me if you wish

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Windows - thanks for the reply, I will try to elaborate.

The impetus is energy efficiency and we will be looking at other areas. The look is also a factor, but not primary.

My question about candidacy was more about installation method. I was told by a few people that new construction windows would effectively require new siding given the existing windows. In your experience, is this correct? We would prefer not to have to replace all of the siding.

We are doing an extensive remodel and this is just one of the items on the list.

Millworkman- thank you for the offer, I will likely email you.

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I do not believe replacement type windows work effectively if at all in these types of window frames, I may be wrong but I do not believe they do. So you may end up needing new construction type windows which would not necessarily require new siding but the current siding would at the very least be removed or pulled back to allow the new unit to be properly installed. So technically now or when you change the windows would be the most economical time to replace the siding since it will be partially removed for access to the existing window openings.

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I am sure you could get a replacement window to work in this application but there are times when discretion is the better part of valor.

While the siding, provided the warmer temps, can be manipulated and pulled back and put back on, that is a good bit of work to incur for the full/new construction opening.

How does the siding look? If it is on the project plan for a year or two down the road, I would do the windows then and just seal them up good for right now.

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