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Robin_NJJuly 23, 2004

I rec'd a shower invitation for a wedding. On the invitation they are asking for a Wishing Well gift. It's not the usual wishing well gift(household things, etc.) This couple each had their own place. The theme for the wishing well is "romance". What suggestions would you have for this. My friend said something like candles would be romantic. Please may I have your thoughts on this. The shower is at the end of August. Thank you so much, Robin

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My daughter had her bridal shower in May and the theme was Romance. Some items she received were candles, bubble baths,lotions and creams from V's Secret, some romantic movies such as Sleepless in Seattle etc., bottle of wine and wine glasses, sexy lingerie, a picnic basket for two with wine and cheese, and to top it off some of her co-workers pitched in for a hotel room. We all had a great time and daughter was just thrilled!

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Robin, how about a gift certificate to a restaurant? This gives them an excuse to have a romantic dinner out.

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A beautiful lingere or sleepwear item.

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those are all bigger than "Wishing Well" gifts--if that Wishing Well will be the same as at showers I've been to.

At the showers I've been to, the Wishing Well is for inexpensive little gifts--cleaning solution, a can of tomato sauce, and a dish-sponge-on-a-wand were some of the things I got. Those are a great deal less expensive than a gift certificate for dinner or a piece of lingerie. Then people also gave another, larger "shower gift."

I'm trying to think of things that cost about $5.

Massage oil
book about massage
small vase (for flowers to go into)
pink lightbulb
a little book w/ the Victorian language of flowers

The problem I personally would have is that "romance" is very amorphous, and these sorts of things always morph into being about sex--which embarrasses me. It's just unseemly, IMO, to talk in front of someone else about one's sex life. So I'd go for the flower book, and squirm through the opening of all the other sex-related books.

Here is a link that might be useful: massage oil for $7

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How about music - smooth jazz would be my pick, but you might know better what they like.

Or a book of love poetry, if they seem like a couple who would enjoy it.

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