Would You Do This for Your Reception?

babywearerJuly 15, 2008

My fiance is a huge goofball, and he decided he wants to do a crazy first dance with me and surprise all our guests at our reception. He got the idea from the TLC show "Rock the Reception." Here's a clip to give you an idea of what they do:


It's pretty hilarious, and I know we could pull it off... theoretically. Has anyone seen the show? How long does it take to plan and prepare for this? Would you do this for your reception or would you prefer the traditional route? I think it would definitely be something awesome to remember!

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I wouldn't do it as the first dance, but maybe later in the reception. One huge issue will be the size of your dress and how easy it is to maneuver in it. The bride in the clip has no train on her gown.

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Yeah but don't people typically remove the train before the reception anyway? I do think this is becoming more common though, so after awhile it won't be such a "big surprise" but just another wedding where they did a fun, silly first dance. And then it will get old... but for now it's still awesome I think!

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Not in a million years...
But then, I'm a bit older and don't want the kind of reception where people get smashed and rock the house down.

But even when I was a young 20 something first time around -- even then we had quiet classical background music (Vivaldi and the like) and no dancing.

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Babywearer, I rarely see a gown with a removable train. Today, most are bustled, not removed.

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I'm with Sweeby - not in a million years. But I'm also older, and I prefer weddings that are romantic and touching. This is too Vegas-y for my taste. And, to me, these "surprise dances" are done because people are trying to do something unique, but they end up looking all the same.

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Yeah I guess you're right about most all dresses being bustled... I wouldn't want to get a dress I liked less in order to do this. But it is pretty funny to watch on the show. But I'm sure ours would never look as good as the dances on the show look, what with all the good camera angles and everything lol!

I guess it's probably not the best idea, but it is funny to see other people do it. I'll stick to just watching the Rock the Reception show I suppose, for my vicarious pleasure :)

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To me... that has been done to death. The 'surprise' is not a surprise anymore.
Stay classy instead....

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My vote is always for classy. The bride and groom set the tone for the day and it is easy for it to get out of hand.

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Baby, I think you should go for it! I don't think the above posters have a good sense of humor, and what would get the party started better than a fun first dance! I love the idea (and I have watched the show) and you have to go with what your idea of fun is.

Good luck, and HAVE FUN!!!

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It's your wedding, do what you want! I agree though that at this point it probably won't be a surprise to the guests, but what a fun way to start your marriage. Enjoy yourselves. Oh, and I'm old!

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Oh I'd do it in a heartbeat! I love stuff like that.

On the tv show, I've heard them say 4 days til the wedding; 3 days; a week....... so it seems like they have to learn to dance in a hurry.

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Yea, the time frame that some of these couples have to learn the dance are ridiculous! It's like...how come you waited so long to decide to do this dance??? I'm sure that adds a lot of stress, but then again - it's not like these dances are super extreme and crazy. That would definitely take more than 5 days preparation. If we decide to do this for our wedding, we'll have to decide early enough so we have time to practice!

I also thought about not doing it for the first dance, since it does seem a little clique now, but just as a random dance in the middle of the reception. I saw this video where everyone was just standing around and eating and all of a sudden 'Thriller' came on and the groomsmen slowly started breaking into a dance and then people finally realized what was going on and had a blast!

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Its a great idea. I think a song like "puttin on the ritz" is easy to do with a top hat and cane, and wouldn't take much prep. but if you have a song you could do it with and have time to practice-go for it. Your reception is all about fun and most of the wedding videos are boring, so this would be something you could look at in the future and laugh.

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I didn't watch the clip but I know what your talking about. Brides and grooms are doing this like crazy now. If you want ideas on things to do go to youtube and put in first dance or first dance suprise you will see a ton of different ones from the dance to Thriller to the dance from Dirty Dancing.

I agree that unless your circle of friends have never seen it ( with youtube doubtful) it won't be a suprise but I guess it could still be fun. I wouldn't try and pretend that there was something wrong with the music I would just go right for the nonusual dance.

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If you are comfortable with it, I would do it. So much of the wedding and reception are about the bride and her wishes - if your guy is a "huge goof ball" and this fits his personality, don't deprive him of the enjoyment of it!

The only thing I would not do is dirty dancing- not appropriate with parents, grandparents, etc. present, Plus, your kids will watch the video someday and be grossed out!

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To me... that has been done to death. The 'surprise' is not a surprise anymore.

IDK, I find it kind of stupid, I guess for lack of a better word, IDK if it's due to the songs that are picked or due to it looking like they are trying to "show up" other people having weddings; and as you say, it's no longer a surprise.

When I married my 3rd husband, it was a wedding just for us, we went away to Cypress Gardens in FL, I had my dress (never had a real one before) he had his tux and we did it for the memories of our day and our love.

Weddings are getting very commercialized from the decor, flowers, cakes, location. It's not about spending money, it's about marrying the love of your life.

If the bride & groom want to dance to a romantic song, I like that, I enjoy seeing the love in their eyes as they dance close. Seeing these choreographed numbers at weddings takes that away...

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