Registering Gifts

byrdseayJuly 4, 2004

Daughter's wedding is this weekend. Does anyone have any ideas for registering the gifts or any other last minutes words of wisdom. Thanks.

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What do you mean by "registering the gifts?" Are you thinking of making a list of what is received from whom? If so, that occurs when the gifts are opened. I have not heard of registering gifts as they are received at the reception. Just be sure to have tape on hand to secure cards to gifts.

Also, plan on bringing a cardboard box wrapped in gift wrap and with a slit in the top to hold cards. If you use a basket or another open container, it is easy for wait staff or others to slip cards into their pocket. You want something that will be easy to spot if someone attempts to take it or get into it.

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What I did to keep track of who gave us what:

-First of all, I wrote on the backs of all the cards we received, what the writer of the card gave us.

-Second, when mailing the invites, I had a list of who got an invite, and out to the right I wrote how many in their party where coming when they responded. In a different color ink, I wrote what gift they gave.
-Now, using the same list, as I write their thank you note, I am putting a check mark in the left hand margin.

It's working for me.What ever works best for the bride.
They also sell wedding keepsake books and there is plenty of space to write what you received as a gift and who the giver was. I have one of these (bought it at Michael's). Some day, when all of the craziness is over, I will update it.


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I made a spreadsheet with all of the names of the guests who were attending the wedding and reception. We had a few people tending to the gift table and they had pens and stickers. The spreadsheet had the names of the guests and the table that they were sitting at and another blank column. I had the gift table attendants take the pre-numbered stickers and place them on the package, then write the corresponding number next to the guest's name on the spreadsheet. It worked out well, because some cards did come off (even though they taped them on) and the gifts still had the little stickers on them.

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